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interior sitio alojamiento comodo 1232 1822 - Tips to make our bedroom look like a hotel room

The two rooms are intended for rest, but our bedroom is always different from the decoration of a hotel room.

En suite bathroom, spaciousness, lounge, carpet, large curtains, panelled walls in wood or covered with fabric, raised beds, lighting, velvet sofas, dark colours... what do you sound all these characteristics of hotel rooms? In this post, we detail how to get your bedroom to become the room of a 4-star hotel.

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photo 1558944351 3f79926e74ef - Carpets: How to choose them and how to place them

The bedroom is, par excellence, the room in which we most seek to feel comfortable and create a cosy space. There is nothing worse than waking up in the morning and bumping into the nasty cold touch of the ground. Therefore, the choice of carpet for the bedroom is almost as important as the choice of mattress.

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photo 1547110287 71448271b1de - Tips to dress the bed in summer

The good weather is already around the corner and it is time to adapt our bedroom to the nights of milder temperatures and that will soon give way to the hot summer nights. In this post, we bring you ideas, inspiration and tricks to decorate your bedroom with more refreshing air.

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65057482 2119298 foto 927970 1024x723 - Mini-bedrooms with a lot of style and functionality

Do you have small space in your bedroom? That's no problem! You could have a great style with simple elements and, besides, give amplitude and brightness to your bedroom with a few simple tips. With these mini-bedrooms you'll get all the necessary ideas to let your imagination fly and get down to work with yours. ...continue reading "Mini-bedrooms with a lot of style and functionality"