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Perfect villas to enjoy all the advantages offered by a porch

Are you one of those who enjoys the outdoors ambient and the sunset while having a coffee relaxing on the porch? If so, you can't miss this selection of villas that have the perfect chill-out area to enjoy everything that offers a large garden and unparalleled views.

The rural ones, a unique and traditional style

Perfect for the most rustic places and the large farmhouses that abound throughout Spain.

Alella, Barcelona

Nerja, Málaga


Time to enjoy stunning sea views from your porch!

These villas, located on the coast, have magnificent porches specially built to enjoy the calm that the ocean transmits.

Mijas Costa, Málaga

Ibiza, Islas Baleares

La Herradura, Granada

The most colourful porches to transmit good vibes to all your guests

The touch of colour, however small, brings joy and fun to any porch, perfect for your friends' meetings.

Pinares de San Antón, Málaga

Marbella, Málaga

Benalmádena, Málaga

Linear and minimalist forms are fashionable on today's porches

One word: Functionality. That's why these minimalist and current designs are different, perfect for resting and also providing a lot of styles.

Sant Gervasi, Barcelona

Pedralbes, Barcelona


And you? Which porch is your favourite? Here you can discover all the villas with the most original porches.

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