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International Women’s Day: Big companies which celebrate it in a big way

international womens day - International Women's Day: Big companies which celebrate it in a big way

International Women's Day is commemorated today with one of the most demanding celebrations of recent years. From partial strikes to a strike of 24 hours to different concentrations in all the cities. Putting a value on the role of women in society, claiming equality with men, not only social but also salary, the recognition of motherhood or the need to promote family reconciliation are some of the aspects that fight an egalitarian and just society. This great revolution has been joined by several companies creating events and making noise to support this social movement. Do you want to know what they are?

Air India operates a flight with a crew exclusively of women

National carrier Air India has said it has operated a flight on the Kolkata-Dimapur-Kolkata sector with an all-women cockpit and cabin crew as part of its celebration of International Women's Day. Flight AI709, an Airbus 319, was operated by Captain Akanksha Verma and Captain Satovisa Banerjee in the cockpit, while the cabin crew comprised D Bhutia, MG Mohanraj, T Ghosh and Yatili Kath.

Air India had operated the world's first all-women crew flight from Kolkata to Silchar way back in 1985. The national carrier claimed it had created a world record in 2017 by operating the longest-ever all-women crew flight around the world on the Delhi-San Francisco-Delhi route.

The airline has a commendable history of its female staff leaving a lasting impact and The state-run airline also consists of almost 3,800 women in a workforce comprising 27,500 people.

The fast-food giant McDonald's flips its bows during this day

McDonald's is celebrating International Women's Day with a big and glowing W. "For the first time in our history as a brand, we turned our emblematic bows," said McDonald's diversity director, Wendy Lewis. The giant arches turned physically in just one restaurant in California. And this Thursday, during the International Women's Day, the symbol in reverse will replace the traditional arcs in the company's digital channels.

"Cheers" for women's creators of the best wines by Terry Kirby

Some of the women who created great wines in an industry that may seem dominated by men, received the distinguished recognition of international wine specialist Terry Kirby, in addition to dedicating an article to them, discovering their history and how they came to be the best and more professional enologists of history. Read the full article.

Barbie celebrates Women's Day with dolls inspired by great women

On the occasion of Women's Day, the company Mattel has wanted to launch a new line of 17 Barbie dolls based on inspiring women. Three of them are already available in the presale for a price of $ 29.99. These are the ones that represent the pioneer of aviation Amelia Earhart, the Mexican artist Frida Kahlo and the mathematics of NASA Katherine Johnson, vital when putting a man on the moon.

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Apple launches a new challenge for Women's Day on its Apple Watch: Move the double

The new Apple Activity Challenge will be launched in accordance with assets discovered by Kyle Seth Gray and shared with 9to5Mac. The challenge? Double your Move ring on Thursday, if your daily calorie target is 350, for example, you will have to burn 700 calories that day to unlock the achievement.

The challenge must be global given the international scope of the day, and Apple Watch users should see the challenge appear on March 6. Apple also has a curated collection of Celebrating Bold Women playlists and albums on Apple Music synchronized with International Women's Day if you need motivation for training music.

endbadge - International Women's Day: Big companies which celebrate it in a big way international womens day 3 - International Women's Day: Big companies which celebrate it in a big way

Happy International Women's Day to all the warriors in the world!

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