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Authentic gems of nature converted into beaches which you can find in southern Spain

This week we want to focus on the south of Spain to show you the best Andalusia's beaches. Secret places which hold fine sand beaches and crystal clear water, incredible landscapes and enviable views, is only a part you can find in this part of Spain. Decide what they are!


Beach of Calahonda in Málaga

In the town of Nerja, under the Balcón de Europa, we find this beach of gray sand and crystal clear water. It is a great tourist attraction located near the center of the town, which allows us to combine the day of sun and sea with a walk through the town and the bars of Malaga.

Access to the beach is through a corridor to the left of the Balcón de Europa and zig-zag your way down, so even though it's quite steep, it's not exhausting. As it happens with many of the beaches of Nerja, which are still used by local fishermen although in smaller numbers as time passes, and often you can see how they prepare or repair their nets and set sail to bring your lunch.

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The Palmar of Vejer

El Palmar is a beach of just over 4 km long located 7 km from the town of Cadiz de Conil. A beach paradise that attracts thousands of tourists every year and where we can find an almost virgin environment about 11 kilometers from Vejer.

This place is a different way to enjoy the sea and the beach for tourists who are not looking for the same vacations as always. We are not talking about a place full of developments and hotels but rather a very quiet beach to spend a few days with family, with children or with your partner enjoying a unique and cozy space.

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Zahara de los Atunes

Zahara de los Atunes is an idyllic corner of crystal clear water, with a large expanse of sand to travel and an enviable sunset.

It is true that it has become very popular and in summer it is a great tourist attraction because of that we can make the most of a good day walking the white sand and enjoying the sea and the incredible views that this beach gives us.

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Arrow the Rompido

Between a picturesque fishing village and a natural landscape, we find this small corner of natural paradise. The golden sand and the calm waters with hardly any waves, place the Flecha de El Rompido beach as one of the best in Andalusia.

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Black ones

Las Negras is a beautiful corner of spectacular geology and fishing environment. At the end of its bay is El Cerro Negro, an impressive rock formation. Its aspect of lava tongue shows us what this Natural Park was. A magical place in the Cabo de Gata Natural Park.

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