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If you are a lover of the Pop Art style, your perfect apartment is in Valencia

A sculpture of Catwoman, floor with marble mosaics and ambient lights which conclude an extraordinary style, this house is the fantasy of many lovers of modern and conceptual art because it has a lot of originality not only because of its decoration but also for its architecture and location. Find out the secrets which hide!

It's located in one of the main streets of the city, in the neighborhood of El Mercat, Valencia.

When you enter the house, its high vaulted ceilings invite you to know the atmosphere it contains. The floor mosaics also create an abstract effect that fits in with Pop Art's main style, where colors flow and give life to a space.

In the living room there are primary colors, a classic lamp next to a modern one, paintings and a Catwoman sculpture that is undoubtedly the main feature of the room. Its large window provides the perfect brightness and its walls in nudes and brick allow any decoration.

The room next to the living room is a small dining room so colorful with the previous one and its main light illuminates the other rooms of the house.

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The next room is the kitchen, totally new and renovated, with an island in the center that invites to create a pub atmosphere. Lighting and decoration accompany this style, creating an unparalleled effect.

The house has two bedrooms, a bathroom, and a toilet. In the master bedroom, we find the access to the main bathroom and a large double bed with a dressing room.

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