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Invest Property in Spain: Analysis of Seville’s housing market

Analysis of Sevilles housing market - Invest Property in Spain: Analysis of Seville's housing market

On the occasion of the famous "Feria de Abril" of Seville, we have got down to work and we have compiled some data for understanding in a simple way the real estate market of Andalusian capital. If your dream had always been to invest in this beautiful city, it's your opportunity for achieving it.


Seville is the biggest city of southern Spain and also, one of the cultural capitals of the country. Its Giralda and Reales Alcázares (royal palace), are the symbols of the city. The easy-going atmosphere and its warm climate make the capital of Andalusia one of the most livable cities of Europe.

Usually, the majority of buyers who invest in this city are Russians, Chinese, French, and Germans. The business market is one of the strongest pillars of the real estate market in Seville and the one with the most profits for the city.

As it is happening in the whole country, Sevilla’s real estate market is recovering from the dark years of the crisis. In the beginnings of 2017, the price per square meter was a little bit above € 1.600. In some areas, like the centre of the city, prices are between 2.000-3.000€. Now, in the first quarter of 2018, the price per square meter is € 1.590 and, the average time in sell a property in Sevilla is 5,8 months.

Neighborhoods where to live in Seville

In general, most of the buyers prefer houses in the Centrical and Monumental centre of the city. This is one of the most beautiful areas of Sevilla, with all the must-visit places just a few minutes away. The area is also full of bars and restaurants with local food.

Triana is considered the soul of the city, it is a blooming neighbourhood just next to the centre. If you want to live as the locals do, this is your choice.

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Nervión is another area considered as the modern centre. This neighbourhood is quieter than the centre itself and Triana, but it has all the things that you want (shopping malls, restaurants, supermarkets, schools, etc.). It is also the district of Sevilla with more green areas.

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Los Remedios, also a modern district as Nervión, it is a good choice if you are looking for a quiet place where to live (the busy centre and the tourists visiting the city are far away).

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La Alameda de Hércules is the art district, with local shops in its narrow streets. This is the place where you can find 100% Andalusian houses.

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Just you have to decide which district is the best investment for you!


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