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The best feasts to visit Andalusia in May 2018


The best feasts to visit Andalusia in May 2018 - The best feasts to visit Andalusia in May 2018

We are already in the wonderful month of May and, in addition to its good vibrations, good weather and the floral colors that flood our streets, we have the most famous feasts in Andalusia. With a memorable tradition, an unbeatable atmosphere and a southern art which you can only discover with a trip to this community during these dates.

Patios of Córdoba

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During the days of the Festival, the citizens of Cordoba proudly open the courtyards of the old town, which they adorn especially for the occasion with pots of geraniums, carnations, and jasmine hanging from the whitewashed walls. You can visit them practically throughout the day and in them, you will always find the enthusiastic hospitality of the hosts and, in many occasions, flamenco shows and the possibility of tasting the rich Cordovan tapas and the Montilla-Moriles wine. The Festival is celebrated the first fortnight of May. However, you have more options to know the patios of Cordoba: You can visit the Interpretation Center of the Patios Party Barter Four, the Palace of Viana or sign up for a concerted visit at any time of the year.

From May 1 to 13.

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Horse Fair in Jerez de la Frontera, Cádiz

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The Horse Fair of Jerez, Cádiz, is joy, fun, and purebred animals. The nobility of the specimens that can be admired during its celebration has made it famous internationally. Of very old origin (1284), it was initially a cattle market, evolving through the centuries until it became the current sum of festivities. Among them stand out the competitions and equestrian competitions, and the booths that are installed in the González de Hontoria park, which during these days adorns its walks and streets with garlands and flowers.

From May 5 to 12.

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"Rocío" in Almonte, Huelva

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This celebration, which mixes religiosity and celebration, takes place fifty days after the end of Holy Week. Hundreds of thousands of people come from all over Spain, and even from abroad, to make this annual pilgrimage to the sanctuary of Blanca Paloma, located in the village of "El Rocío", 17 kilometers from the town of Almonte (Huelva).

There are four fundamental routes: the Sanlúcar road, which crosses the Doñana National Park and is used by those coming from Cádiz; the road of the Llanos, which goes from Almonte and is the oldest; that of Moguer, used by those who come from Huelva; and the Sevillian way, which is usually used by the brotherhoods from the rest of Spain and the world.

On May 20.

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Corpus Christi in Granada

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In the months of May or June, Granada celebrates the feast of Corpus Christi, whose origin lies in the efforts to Christianize the population after centuries of Arab domination. Theater, zarzuela, concerts, exhibitions and shows flood the city. The booths of the fairgrounds are filled with joy and music, while bullfighting takes place in the bullring.

From May 26.

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