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Decoration: Tips for furnishing your new home

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When we buy a house we face the hard task of furnishing it, there are many questions that arise in these beginnings. Take note of the issues that you should consider and that can help you to get a perfect home.

Find inspiration

Collect information and file ideas, look for the style with which you identify the most and build an album with which you can then be inspired.

Assign a budget

It is essential that you know how much money you have. If you are clear about what you want, it is time to analyze how much money you will allocate to the furniture or to the reform, in case it is necessary.

Make a list with the essentials

Once we have a well-defined budget available for furnishing the house, we must prepare a list of the elements we need, establishing an order of priorities. Not all the furniture that coexists in a house is equally important.


Watch the proportion between the dimensions of the room and the furniture you place. Use the essential furniture as a starting point and complete with accessories. Proportionality also in the price of the elements chosen,  the investment in the different pieces of furniture is always in accordance with the budget, so that we do not have very unbalanced stays and harmony between the designs and colours chosen so that there are balanced stays.

Quality in the basics

Look for quality furniture that you are going to use most, especially for beds and sofas, where we will be many hours. It is not worth saving on the mattress base or on the mattress or on the pillows, remember that you are making an investment in your health, so do not skimp on this type of pieces.

Create storage spaces

Put furniture and places of storage that are accessible and practical when looking for things. The cabinets are indispensable, custom furniture to take advantage of hard centimetres are also a good bet. Dedicating a little time to your preparation, you will see how it is easy to get extra space from the smallest space.

Accessories and accessories

The accessories are responsible for giving the final touch to our decoration. They will make the spaces warmer and more charming. When we talk about accessories, we refer to curtains, cushions, carpets, paintings, vases, photographs. Everything you need to make the decoration less cold and much more personal.


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