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Erasmus Exchange: Important Things to Know About Accommodation in Spain

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Getting accommodation in Spain for your internship, your holidays or for a longer stay is a real struggle as a foreigner. There are as many cities as many ways to find are not to find accommodation. We give you the keys in this article to find yours.

Your Erasmus exchange is coming closer, but you still have no idea where you’ll be staying. Don’t worry, you are not alone! We give you the keys in this article to find yours.

You really should arrange your housing before arriving. There are several housing options available, each with their own perks and cons. It is a good idea to investigate all the housing options to figure out the best one for you. Here are the most common ones:

Host families

You can choose to live with a host family. This is a good solution you have but it doesn’t mean that’s a poor solution. Living in a host family can be a great experience if you have a nice one. You can understand the local way of life, empower your Spanish skills and even get better living conditions than if you were alone in your 1 room apartment. You can also have some meals included in your accommodation, which is a real relief for the student. If you’re lucky you might even learn to cook traditional Spanish dishes.

Dorm housing:

Many Erasmus students choose to live in dormitories and houses of residences on campus. This is a good way to meet other students, live affordably close to where you’re studying and save money on commuting.

Student dormitories are the best choice for many reasons, like:

  • Get to know other students (Erasmus or not);
  • Usually, they are way cheaper;
  • You don't need to take care to pay bills of electricity and other stuff;
  • You don't need to fight or beg money to your mates whenever it comes the occasion to pay something, from the owner to the shared expenses that usually come to a flat;
  • Payments for dormitories are sometimes all in advance, you pay once and you forget about, or sometimes flexible so according to what you may afford at the time;
  • Many time cleaning service for the common areas is included in the bill, this means a lot when it comes to Erasmus students just because it is really hard to find mates who can make a turns list and really respect it.
  • For those who are really lucky might be included also the change of the bed linens and a security service for the dormitory

Flat sharing:

Having roommates is one of the most popular way to live abroad. By renting a room, your rent will be more affordable, but you will also be able to socialise, which is very important considering you are alone in a new country. If you manage to find a flat with locals, you will also be improving your Spanish skills!

Sharing a flat during your internship is one of the best way to find accommodation when you are a student and even more you are doing an internship. It’s not only financially interesting, there are many other benefits. Sharing a flat is the opportunity to get into the city’s mood faster, to meet people easily and have some people to share with. It’s also the perfect idea if you plan to empower your Spanish level.

We advise you to go to your destination one week before the beginning of your internship. Indeed, finding a room I a shared flat is easier when you are in the city and it usually takes between 7 and 10 days. While looking for your accommodation, you can find some cost-worthy hostels to stay in and enjoy the city before working.

The best way to find your room is by asking people about your networks, so don’t hesitate to let people know that you’re looking for a room or speaking with people about it.


If you prefer your own space and the more expensive rents don’t scare you, renting a flat just for yourself might be the way to go. But you must be aware that it isn’t always easy to get your own place and you should be prepared to pay an estate agency fee as well as a deposit of the rent.


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