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photo 1495968283540 e1df41995ba6 - Erasmus Exchange: Important Things to Know About Accommodation in Spain

Getting accommodation in Spain for your internship, your holidays or for a longer stay is a real struggle as a foreigner. There are as many cities as many ways to find are not to find accommodation. We give you the keys in this article to find yours. ...continue reading "Erasmus Exchange: Important Things to Know About Accommodation in Spain"


Located on the southernmost edge of Granada (Andalusia), the Health Sciences Faculty immediately stands out due to its monolithic, sculptural form. The 130-m-long podium, which culminates in a 40-m-tall tower is not, however, a product of the architects’ fancy, but dictated by an urban plan.

149 - Architecture: Health Sciences Faculty in Granada
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This project was developed in Gandia, a town with a population of 75,000 to the south of Valencia. The aim was to develop a hybrid project that would function essentially as a student residence while meeting the requirements of social housing, with the corresponding standards and characteristics.

The proposed programme includes 102 apartments for young people, 40 apartments for senior citizens, and a civic and social centre for the town council. The most interesting question from a programmatic point of view is the provision of shared spaces in the apartments for young people, which is in effect a new version from the traditional residence for young people.

The fact is that the idea of sharing spaces is fully compatible with the goals of social and environmental sustainability, grounded as it is on the principle of ‘doing more with less’: that is, offering people more resources through the mechanism of sharing.

University Housing 1 - University Housing by Guallart Architects, Gandía
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The new media art school in Malaga is a clear example of fine arquitecture brought to society

Be amazed. Spain is starting to be part of a new arquitectural movement. Fine arquitecture starts to be all around us. You can breathe it in the streets, in all public buildings such as libraries or universities. Houses are being constructed with a new sense of taste. It might be a difficult period for much of us, but, the positive side is things we felt like we could never reach in other times, are pretty affordable nowadays.

An example for this wonderful reconstruction of the world we live in are libraries and universities. The new school for media art in Málaga, situated in the South of Spain, is a magnificent piece of art made for us mere citizens.

Enjoy these images and feel free to make any comments or suggestions for future posts. At the bottom of this post you will find the information of this project from it's arquitects at MVRDV.


arquitecture2 - Arquitectural wonder: the new media art school in Malaga

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