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Living in an architectural jewel with views of the Alhambra (Granada)

We landed this week in Granada to show a special house located in front of the Alhambra, halfway up the famous Granada street of San Juan de los Reyes, halfway up the slope of the Albaicín, between the Paseo del Darro and the viewpoint of San Nicolás, there is a unique Carmen. Its privileged views cannot be contemplated from any viewpoint and are absolutely unique. They contain the impressive fall of the walls of the Nazari castle as if it were the Paseo de los Tristes, and a much closer distance to contemplate the Alhambra in all its splendour as if it were the Mirador de San Nicolás. They are a simple, perfect mix.

One of these architectural gems that you can rarely buy, exclusive and unique Carmen with 180º views to the Alhambra, pool, garage, elevator, hallway and Andalusian patio with wooden coffered ceilings in perfect condition is put on sale.

The entrance to the Carmen is endowed with a robust oak door and has a hallway with Andalusian stonework and wrought iron gate attached to the Andalusian courtyard with fountain, which refreshes the whole house, has a wood panelling recovered from the Moorish period and in perfect condition. These coffered ceilings will be common in the rest of the house in details in patios, ceilings, windows and others.

On the ground floor, on the left, as you enter, there is a very large garage for car and motorcycle + bicycle, about 25 m2 in total. In an attached room is the gasoil boiler for the radiant floor, which heats the entire floor of the whole house, through a ceramic floor with a heat treatment that has a magnificent thermal capacitance to retain the heat and distribute it for hours, increasing the comfort of all the carmen.

Although it is a historic home, the facilities are in perfect condition and the electrical panels are modular and zoned, has natural gas connection and pre-installation, if you want to put a boiler for this fuel, underfloor heating, oil boiler, connection natural gas, heat pumps and elevator.

To the right of the hall, we have a room to be used as various uses, in which once was a dispensary of bread, approximately 12 m2. Immediately to this we have the elevator. An elevator to be able to move without problems without having to go up or downstairs. It is legalized as a forklift and is oleohydraulic, which does not require the costly maintenance of this type of elevators.

Once we crossed the beautiful patio, between pots and flowers, the smell of jasmine, a marble fountain of Sierra Elvira, the cobblestone now in winter with a bit of moss, we went to a very large leisure, study or workroom, about 28-30 m2. It is elongated and from it, we can contemplate the whole patio.

It must be said that all the windows are finished in noble oak, with details in golden forge, the house dates from the 16th century and was completely rebuilt and reformed in 1997, and the state of conservation is wonderful.

El Carmen has a total of 4 bedrooms and 2 bathrooms. 2 rooms, kitchen, 2 recreational rooms/office, garage, spectacular terrace, the main rooms have hot and cold heat pump and, in addition, the house has two chimenéas of separate shots, which provide even more comfort.

Only a few Cármenes in Granada preserve their original garden and pool. In this Carmen we have a recreation area-refreshment for the summer months, a beautiful pool surrounded by jasmines, whereas on the terrace of 20 m2, we can sit down to eat with family or friends in the garden that surrounds it.

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