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Mistakes you should avoid when remodelling the kitchen

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Have you been dreaming of the ideal kitchen for years and it's time to make it come true? The kitchen is one of the rooms in the house where it becomes more life, so at the time of reform, it is essential to pay attention to its design, since it not only consists of creating a beautiful and modern kitchen but also functional. Take note of the mistakes that are so easy to avoid.

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Work with comfort

When designing the distribution of the kitchen, put the comfort in the spotlight and design a functional working triangle that facilitates movements between the three areas of use: preparation, cooking and storage.

Adjust to the budget

In the heat of the reform, exceeding the figure assigned to it is something more usual than desirable. Avoid it by requesting two or three budgets broken down by items of materials and labour with their corresponding qualities and prices in writing.

Just in time

The integral reform of the kitchen requires between 10 and 15 working days. To avoid delays, hire a reputable company with references and make sure that all materials and equipment are available before work begins.

Invest in tranquillity

Renewing the facilities can represent 20% of the kitchen reform budget, but having to repair the damage produced by obsolete ones will undoubtedly be much more expensive and annoying, since you may not have the same ceramic tiles to replace them or have to disassemble sink, countertop, furniture ... Take advantage of the works to ensure many years of cooking without problems.

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Let there be light

Do not wait until you have everything assembled to think about the best lighting for your kitchen. Power outlets and light points should be planned before the masons enter, as all connections must be hidden under the false ceiling and wall coverings.

Invests in accessories

Reserve a part of the budget for furniture to a good interior equipment. Those closets that we liked so much when buying them can become our particular nightmare if we are unable to find anything in them the first time. It is worth choosing a more economical model and investing the difference in shelves and removable trays, drawers of total extraction and accessories to take advantage of the corners.

Storage, with head

Placing cabinets to the ceiling is the best way to get the most out of the wall, although it is not advisable in kitchens with a narrow floor plan. In any case, make sure that everyday things are at a comfortable height and reserve the upper floors to objects that you use sporadically.

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Good materials

Paint and wallpaper are fashionable in kitchens but are not advisable in areas subject to splashes and stains. This is the case of the front of the countertop, the area of water and fire, which require materials that are unalterable against stains and easy to clean, such as ceramics, stainless steel, glass or stone (natural or synthetic).

The area of fires

Try to place it away from an opening to the outside and protected from drafts, especially in the case of flame kitchens. Nor should it be too close to the office or dining room, in the case of open kitchens. In any case, when you have found the ideal, make sure to leave a good countertop area next to it to work comfortably.

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With views

Placing the water area in front of the window has never been easier than now, thanks to the popularization of folding and retractable faucets. However, keep in mind that they are somewhat more expensive than conventional ones, and assess whether it is worth the investment.


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