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Tips to have a greener house

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Does it sound like that small changes are powerful? If you want your home to be more ecological and healthy by just changing small gestures of your day to day you can get it, contributing your grain of sand following these tips full of energy savings for your home.

Separate the garbage

It is not so difficult. Complicating, maybe at the beginning. In addition, there are now many options so you will not occupy much space. If at first, you do not know exactly the classification of things, in the web of many municipalities they explain it to you. Oh, and do not forget to recycle the oil.

Goodbye to stand by

Turn off electronic devices when you do not use them, not only save energy but you will decrease up to 20% of the consumption and you will see it reflected in the electricity bill.

Test with solar energy

At home take advantage of everything, you can sunlight to illuminate and heat your home. And use it also to heat the water or generate electricity. Some solar panels are a good alternative to reduce your bills and generate your own clean energy. Installing them is expensive (about 11,000 euros for a single-family home), but in the long run it makes up for it.

Ecological lighting

LED lights are part of your home, do not use mercury or gases that produce greenhouse effect and increase global warming and also last much longer.

Purify the air with plants

According to a NASA study the best ones to clean the air of your house are espatifilios, bamboo palm tree, tiger tongue and ficus, so bet on them, you can create an authentic green lung gathering several in a corner. That is luminous, but without direct light, so that they are more effective, place them at various heights and play with their sizes.

Reduce waste

It is estimated that each European generates 150 kilos of discarded containers per year. If you buy products in bulk, from food to detergent, you reduce the number of containers that enter the house. Go to online invoices and ask the bank to send you all notifications by email. Say goodbye to plastic bags, always carry a folding bag and use the cart.


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