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BUILDING Flat for sale in A Coruna 1024x682 - Sustainability and Energy Efficiency in this Luxury Flat for Sale in A Coruña

This time, the house of the week takes us to Galicia, precisely to A Coruña. Located in front of the Atlantic Ocean, this beautiful northern city offers history, gastronomy, tradition and modernity, and beautiful white sand beaches. If you dream of living in a quiet city with all the comforts, services and leisure options, A Coruña is a perfect fit. Today we introduce you to an authentic luxury flat in front of Riazor Bay, one of the best beaches.

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construccion casas madera energia isometrica eficiente calculadora monedas 73174 132 - Energy certificate of home What is it?

The energy certificate of a home is an official and mandatory document that includes the energy rating of a home or building. This energy rating is calculated based on the degree of energy efficiency of the property after an evaluation of the annual energy consumption necessary to meet the energy demand of the building or house under normal conditions of occupation and operation. In this post, we detail everything you need to know about the certificate

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dibujo mano ilustracion conjunto ambiente sostenible 53876 37348 - Tips for a more sustainable home
Hand drawing illustration set of environment sustainable

The concern for the environment and the pressing consequences of climate change have transformed the consciousness of the global society, rescuing the "green conscience" and implementing sustainable measures in areas such as industry, the economy and even housing. The fight against climate change starts at home, anyone can take care of the planet from their own home without major reforms, but based on small gestures and changes in routine. In addition, the European Union itself is committed to environmental wellbeing and, by the end of 2020, every new building of new construction must have almost zero energy consumption, according to the new directive on energy efficiency.

A growing trend that citizens can benefit from, since it also means a high saving in electricity and water bills. But how to be more sustainable without leaving home? In this post we offer a series of tips and tricks to change household habits in a simple way, combat climate change and save on bills.

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echo 1966360 960 720 - Tips to have a greener house

Does it sound like that small changes are powerful? If you want your home to be more ecological and healthy by just changing small gestures of your day to day you can get it, contributing your grain of sand following these tips full of energy savings for your home. ...continue reading "Tips to have a greener house"

photo 1507745512299 8bd0e0b3380f 1024x682 - Sustainable housing: Houses which take care of the environment

Nowadays, administrations, developers and companies are promoting measures to make an efficient construction by taking advantage of renewable energies: wind, solar thermal, solar photovoltaic. On World Environment Day we present some of the most sustainable houses in the world, which seek reconciliation with nature and mother earth. ...continue reading "Sustainable housing: Houses which take care of the environment"