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The correct order when remodelling

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Have you ever wondered what is the order you should follow when reforming your home? The doors or the floor? Bathroom or kitchen? We help you correctly plan the reform of your house

Change facilities

If it is a comprehensive reform, the first step is to renew the facilities. The first are those of plumbing, hence it is usual to always start in areas of the house where they are priority, such as the kitchen and bathroom.

Tiles and tiles

It is a task that we could call "dirty" in the sense that it messes up a lot of its change and other elements of the house can be damaged in the process. First you have to throw away old tiles and tiles, remove debris and place new ones.

Kitchen coatings

It is advisable to place the kitchen linings as soon as possible to "gain time, install the kitchen furniture quickly and order the countertop, which normally takes a week from being measured with the furniture placed until it is installed on site."

Floor and walls of the bathroom

After we tiled and we will wash the bathrooms. Here you only have to install the furniture so that the tiling is not as priority as in the kitchen.

The walls

The walls are prepared to paint. First of all they are smoothed and fixed, if they need it, to later paint. They are left ready for a final coat of paint that will finish the project when the rest of the tasks of the reform have been carried out.

Parquet or parquet floor

If the correct order is followed when reforming, at this point the parquet floor is slashed or varnished. Also now a new platform is installed on top of the same pavement. Both the floor and the baseboard are placed.

Change of cabinets

If you want to renovate the cabinets, it is important to wait until the floor of the house is finished, therefore it will be the last thing to install along with the doors, to prevent them from being damaged and also to be able to finish the meetings with the flooring

What happen if I want to change the windows?

Changing windows can take masonry work so it is best to do it before painting. And if you also renew the doors, leave them behind the windows to preserve them from possible blows.

Change of doors

If you have to remove the old doors, it is done before painting and then the new doors are placed with their frames. In this way, in the painting phase you can reach any nook.

Last coat of paint

Now you can apply the last coat of paint, which completes the order of the reform. This is how small strokes or frictions that have occurred during the installation of the floor, cabinets, windows or doors are arranged.


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