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Tips when buying business premises

local comercial - Tips when buying business premises

Start a business is a great professional leap, regardless of the field in which the economic activity is developed, and has to have a dose of coherence and planning, but also of courage. One of the first steps for many entrepreneurs is to find an appropriate place to carry out their project, a space that will become their second home. In its importance lies the need to find the perfect business premises. What are the keys to take into account in order to ensure one hundred per cent?

Function and utility

The type of premises you will need will vary depending on the use you will give, given that each type of business requires a different space depending on what is intended. It seems obvious, but it never hurts to remember that the needs are not the same for a space of 'co-working' as for a restaurant. Selecting the location based on our needs and certain objectives will help us to narrow down the search. To do this, you must be clear about what you will do in it and how you will develop this activity.


We must do everything possible to make the space accessible to our customers and our suppliers. Analyze the possibilities and prices to be clear in which area we will be easier to be visible and accessible to our public, saving the maximum possible for the investment to be more profitable.


The size and the surface, that is, the useful square meters, are fundamental to choose the perfect business premises since the space you need will depend on the activity that you will develop in it. The size of the surface will be determined by the type of commercial activity that we want to carry out. If you are going to be open to the client, ask yourself how many exhibitors you will need, how many tables do you want to place or how many elements do you want to place in the store? If it is a closed space, ask yourself, among other things, how many will be on the team. You know your business better than anyone.

Legal advice and regulations

We must be aware of the current regulations in the establishments in our area. Both municipal and urban, fundamental to avoid problems before the acquisition of the property. It is interesting to request a Certificate of Urban Development to see what kind of activity we can install. It is important that our premises comply with health standards and the requirements that ensure the safety and integrity of the premises. If it is conditioned, clean of pests, free of humidity ... When you decide on a property, the first step is to go to the property registry. It is important to know the registered data related to the property, to avoid last-minute scares. Afterwards, it will be necessary to sign the deposit and deed agreement, in addition to assuming the costs of processing and taxes, which represent around 10% of the purchase price. Although some places have to meet more requirements, safety and health minimums must be present in any space.


No matter how good your idea is, it will lose its impact if it is surrounded by direct competitors. It is important that your location is positioned in a strategic area that helps you from the beginning to plan your business successfully. We can determine the type of premises that we will buy observing how the premises of the competition are and how they develop their business. We hope that after reading these tips you have less doubts when buying a commercial space. We know how difficult it is to make a decision of this type, make sure you have documented and prepared before making the purchase of your life.

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