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Essential for a perfect guest room

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Throughout the year you will surely receive some guests at your home. Therefore, having an ideal guest room is essential to be a good host. You may have an extra room solely dedicated to receiving visitors.

Maybe you have a room that you use as an office or game room and that you would like to prepare for when someone comes to see you. Or, you may be thinking about doing a reform at home and include a guest room. Whatever your situation, our intention with this article is to help you, through some simple tips, to be a host ten with a nice and multifunctional guest room.

Neutral decoration

Something that we should have quite clear if we are going to adapt a room as a guest room is that this will not be our room even if it is in our house.

With this what we want to say is that it is better to decorate it neutrally and without too personal elements such as photos, etc.

On the other hand, think about how you would like to feel if you were the guest. Based on this, analyze those elements that you must include to make the stay of your guests comfortable. As if they were in their own homes.

Final details

To make the guest room completely cozy you can include elements such as flowers or candles. Leave a jar with water and some glasses also speaks very well of you as host. Finally, do not forget to leave one extra blanket. We do not know if our guests will be colder than normal at night. Welcome message If you are happy to receive them at home, why not let them know with a note they can remember? Write in it some words designed especially for that person and take the opportunity to give some advice for a perfect stay.

Extra blanket

For both winter and summer, a blanket or quilt at the foot of the bed is a detail that everyone appreciates. Each one has its own ideal temperature to fall asleep. With this extra layer of coat, your visitors can regulate their own thermostat in case of waking up in the middle of the night with cold. It is also important to place pillows and cushions of different types.

Fresh flowers

A detail that will immediately raise the level of the room and make your visitors feel loved just by crossing the door. Avoid flowers with romantic connotations if it is friends (for example, red roses) and yellow, in case your guests are superstitious.

Water bottle with glasses

Many people like to have water on their bedside table in case they wake up with thirst at night. That's why it's essential that you get a nice crystal jug with a matching glass (no polluting plastic bottles!) And place it next to your bed.

Magazines or books

So they have something to read if they reveal themselves. A perfect opportunity to show your tastes, advise readings or leave them information about interesting places in your city or neighborhood.

By last…

The key to having a good guest room is to think about our starting point. What do I have ?, an exclusive room for my guests ?, Depending on this, adapt that room to your possibilities. If you are thinking of making a reform to include a guest room, consider the possibility of making a suite. That is, the room has its own bathroom. This will add comfort and convenience to your guests and also to you.

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