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A corner of relax at home where less you imagine

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One of the most frequent problems in our homes is the lack of space. At the moment of distributing a house many times "dead" corners remain unused; O well; the architecture of the house presents spaces or niches, which at first glance do not seem very practical.

If your home has any of these characteristics, today we want to help you and we share with you a series of decorative solutions so you can take advantage of the corners of your home. Take note!

The stairwell

The space that remains under a staircase is often left empty, without more; but there are many solutions that you can use to take advantage of it. Create a reading corner with a sofa, mattresses, cushions, ... With only textile elements you can create an original space for reading and relaxing.


Who has never dreamed of having an attic? These bucolic spaces, full of light, perfect to create a space for games, reading or relaxation; Most of the time they present a "problem" the lack of height. Some dwellings in waters have some areas that remain "invisible"; these are also very low. If this is your case, we recommend that you take advantage of this corner to locate a mattress and turn it into an original children's bedroom. Another solution is to take advantage of these corners to create a space for rest, disconnection and reading. For this you only need a mattress or mattresses and complete it with cushions to give it your personal touch.


Surely in your home you have some windows that you do not know what to do with them. You know you could take advantage of the space, but you do not know very well how. There are several decorative solutions that you can use, depending on the height at which the window is placed on the ground. If it is about 100cm from the ground; Take advantage of this free space to create a workspace. What better than to be able to take advantage of natural light for it. If your windows are lower; This space is perfect to place a bench (with extra storage space) and create a perfect corner for reading. A key: Complements the bench with soft cushions, to make the moment more cozy and pleasant.

Spaces and corners

The constructions of the houses often create spaces and corners in the form of "L" that seem complicated to be able to take advantage of. Once again, depending on your needs and lifestyle, there are many decorative solutions that you can use to take advantage of these spaces. What do you think of a corner where you can enjoy calm and relaxation?


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