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Clues to detect an owner who is in a hurry to sell

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When a home is put up for sale there is always a reason, as buyers find it useful to know the seller's reasons for taking that step, depending on the reason and the urgency to close the operation, will be more or less willing to make a price reduction. In this post we detail the types of sellers in a hurry to be useful when negotiating.

Flat inherited

When there are several heirs, the most common is that the sale agreement of the inherited properties is reached and the sale resulting from the sale is distributed equally. The expectations of the heirs are not elevated by the unexpectedness of the situation, and they only want to sell as soon as possible and close a painful chapter.

Families that increase or change

When children arrive, more space is needed so if the owners are going to be parents, they have little time to finish the whole process, so as time passes they will be more receptive to the discounts. The same goes for a family in divorces, both parties are willing to get rid of the house in common and will be open to negotiation.

A foreign job

If an owner gets a job opportunity abroad, he will be in a hurry to sell his house. There are those who prefer to rent that apartment while working outside, but also who prefers to sell. It may also be the case that the owner is already abroad and wants to sell his house in Spain because he decided to settle permanently in the host country.

People of the Third Age

Many elderly people find in their real estate the perfect complement to the pension when they have to move to a residence. However, the sale can also occur because the apartment does not have an elevator and the owner can not climb the stairs well, so he prefers to sell.

Continuous price drops

Many sellers start having plenty of time, and advertise their flat on the Internet with an inflated price. As the months pass, the need to sell increases, and the seller begins to make weekly, and even daily, rebates. It does not receive contacts because the property has been "burned": the demand has followed its evolution. It's time to take advantage to make an offer

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