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Top Tips on How to Sell a House in Spain Quickly - Top Tips on How to Sell a House in Spain Quickly

Recently, the Spanish real estate market has been a seller's market. That is, demand far exceeded supply. However, the rise in interest rates and the consequent difficulties in accessing financing predict a contraction in home sales. In this scenario, selling a house in Spain is a decision not to be delayed.

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Como preparar una casa para venderla mas rapido - How to prepare a house to sell it faster

When you are hoping to quickly sell a home, you need to be very aware that first impressions are fundamental. Offering an image of cleanliness, order, and spaciousness is essential for attracting potential buyers from the very first moment. Thus, it’s a good idea to prepare a house in order to sell it faster.

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cliente firma documento comprar casa bienes raices 31965 1089 - What is the best day of the year to sell a home?

Do you know what can be the best day of the year to buy a home? Could you imagine that the end of spring and the beginning of summer are the best times for the housing real estate market? It is the conclusion after analyzing the data of more than 28 million transactions in the last eight years in the United States. And not only do you sell more on those dates, but you also get better prices for sellers. This is stated in the study carried out by Attom Data Solutions, which has been able to detect even the best days to sell throughout the year.

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old couple 2313286 960 720 - Do you know what naked property is in Spain?

You may have heard about a new formula for selling a house and getting extra money in recent years. It is an option designed for seniors. It is called naked property and is a formula that allows owners to sell a home, receive money in return and continue to reside in it for life.

This is also advantageous for buyers since this allows them to acquire a property below the market price. In recent months, the percentage of owners who have opted for naked property has experienced unprecedented growth in Spain. According to data from the Real Estate Experts Network and the Real Estate Training Institute (IFEM), in 2017 the number of naked property operations increased by 150%, but in the first quarter of 2018, the increase was up to 300%, It indicates that more and more people are choosing to join this formula.

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photo 1501183638710 841dd1904471 1024x683 - Home Staging techniques to apply to your home

The Home Staging is a set of different techniques more used when conditioning a house to sell it. These techniques are intended to make our property a product that is much more attractive to the eyes of any interested. Although it is impossible to apply all the techniques to the same house, in this post we detail the main methods with which you will not fail regardless of the type of your home.

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