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Electoral proposals on housing for the General Elections of 28A in Spain

concepto votar eleccion caja 23 2147916983 - Electoral proposals on housing for the General Elections of 28A in Spain

Next Sunday, April 28, the Spanish are called to exercise their vote, choosing as their next President of the Government. The candidates of the main parties have presented during the electoral campaign the proposals contained in their programs that should be made if they arrive in Moncloa. But what do the housing parties say? In this post, we detail what are the electoral proposals of the PP, the PSOE, Ciudadanos, Podemos and Vox in housing.


According to the electoral program of the party, the socialists contemplate a series of measures to "move towards the effectiveness of the inalienable right to decent, affordable and sustainable housing." One of its most significant proposals has to do with the promotion of the promotion and use of social rental housing, mobilizing public land and promoting public-private collaboration.

The key measure will be the recovery of basic emancipation income for low-income youth who opt for rent, which consists of direct financial assistance for low-income youth who decide to rent a home. In addition to the financing by the Public Business Entity of Land (Sepes) and the ICO. Reinforcing its role "to encourage the construction of new social rental housing, as well as the rehabilitation of existing homes".


Among the commitments of the Genoa, the proposals of the PP are divided into two blocks. The first is the one that refers to housing with five proposals, which are the following:

Encourage the development of lease insurance to cover the non-payment of rents and damages that may be caused by the tenant and the increase of the tax deduction to the owners who rent a habitual residence. It is also contemplated to promote arbitration systems in case of conflict between both parties.

Likewise, to make the operations of Urban Regeneration more flexible, to facilitate adjustments of buildability and land use, proposes to make new construction more flexible and to promote rehabilitation in urban centres. Also, boost the supply of new construction housing for affordable rental. It contemplates a model of public-private cooperation and priority of families with children for access to this new park. The most notable measure is the recovery of the deduction for the purchase of a habitual residence, creating a tax shield for retirement savings that extends the tax benefits of the pension plans to the habitual residence and the savings plans

The second block of proposals refers to the illegal occupation of real estate, approving a reform in the civil and criminal sphere to protect owners and neighbourhood communities against the illegal occupation of houses and streamlining criminal proceedings to facilitate the eviction of occupied homes.


Ciudadanos program aims to facilitate access to affordable rent. To do this, it plans to approve a National Housing Law that leads to an increase in the social housing park for rent for people with difficulties.

They will review the regulations that affect housing rents to reinforce legal security and boost the rental market.

Its commitment to rent proposes the creation of a Register of Urban Leases to supply the lack of official statistics, tax incentives for landlords, facilities for the rehabilitation of empty houses and an arbitration system to resolve conflicts between owners and tenants.


In the program of Podemos, the enemy to beat is the speculation of the rental market. They talk about protecting the right to housing in the Constitution as fundamental and legally developing the guarantees of its effectiveness to solve the difficulties of the emancipation of young people.

It proposes to intervene in the rental market to prevent abusive increases through price control and guarantee stable and safe rent for both parties. Based on the City Councils, it is proposed to create indexes of reference prices adapted to the local realities with the objective that no family pays more than 30% of their income as rent.

Also, fight against vulture funds and speculation with housing. Prohibiting the use of shell companies as an instrument to enjoy a habitual residence paying fewer taxes and will face access to housing as a matter of State.

Other ideas are to sustainably rehabilitate half a million homes a year, increasing public investment and creating a transfer of housing to the administration in exchange for a guarantee of collection and conservation of the property. Also, put a stop to the proliferation of tourist apartments recovering the habitability of neighbourhoods and move towards a model of sustainable tourism. Also prohibit evictions without housing alternative, either in case of non-payment of rent or occupation in precarious, propose that people in vulnerable situations cannot be expelled from the house if they are not offered, from public administrations, a solution alternative.


In the VOX program, only two proposals related to housing are included, with emphasis on the promulgation of anti-squat and anti-usury laws.

Within the '100 measures for Living Spain', they propose to classify housing occupation as a crime against private property, creating a "legislative reform so that squatters can be expelled in a matter of hours".

In their economic program, they establish a period of 5 years to eliminate deductions in the transitory regime. This would affect those that are still deducted for home purchases. They will also review the IBI, tax the empty house and liberalize the land, converting into land suitable for urbanization all that should not necessarily be protected. In this way, he intends to correct a market that he considers especially rigid and whose artificial scarcity causes his price to rise. The key is that the State will recover the skills in housing.

They will also expand the concept of legitimate defence so that Spaniards who legally have a weapon can use it in situations of real threat to their lives without having to face a judicial hell, prison sentences or compensation to the families of criminals who They were assaulted.

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