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Looks for a spring table

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If with spring have flourished in your social agenda meals and celebrations with friends, go prepare because sooner or later you will play host. If receiving this at home gives you a bit of vertigo do not worry, we'll give you a hand so that the staging is refreshingly spring-like. Fresh, with flowers, with lots of colour and a thousand details of those who like so much that they receive hundreds of likes on Instagram. With these ideas, your table will be the most complimented and triumph!

Tableware: Play, match and surprise

It is not a question of changing what you have to change. If you're worth it, go ahead! But if the idea of ​​retirement has been around for a long time, take advantage of the occasion and sing it out loud. Are you looking to surprise your guests? Inspire yourself in this idea: each diner has different dishes. Even so, the result is harmonic because they have been chosen in coordinated colours. You can buy it in loose pieces - very useful if you want to combine several designs - or bet on the basic versions of 18 services. If you are not going to use salad bowls or tureens or trays that you do not even know what they are for, it is the best option.

Of earthenware, stoneware, porcelain, glass ... Choose the material you choose, a tip: that is suitable for the dishwasher. You will appreciate it


Flores a tutiplén! If spring is the season of flowers, invite them to the table! In addition to decorating by themselves, they will give joy, energy and freshness. If you are going to leave them during the meal, choose low-odorous varieties, thus avoiding that their aromas muddy the taste of the food.

And it is better to make a composition of several low-rise mini bouquets in the centre of the table or accompany diners instead of a large bouquet. Can you imagine having to dodge it every time you want to talk to the person in front of you?

Mixed colours

Matte and bicolour designs are fashionable, and the same applies to pastel and powder colours. They have the advantage of being fresh, elegant and very easy to combine. For example, a fuchsia table runner will draw the colours to green water or rosewood tableware.

It is a winning combination to dress up the table this spring. The white crockery is a classic that never goes out of style, the details in silver give elegance and a vintage touch and the pale pink of the glasses and flowers is the delicate and feminine note.

The sea, on the table

Fun applications of sackcloth and linen in the form of fish on the tablecloth, striped cushions of marine inspiration, a wooden garland that runs throughout the table ... And all, with the colours of the beach: blue, sand and white. A starfish as a decoration and a fish dish and wooden tray complete this beach look

Glassware, with or without color?

A few years ago this doubt would have been unthinkable: the glassware was glass and transparent or it was not glassware. The colours, for the kids and the plastic camping glasses. But now the colour is a trend. And not only in glasses but also in the glasses.

If you do not want to take a risk, you can always reserve the colour for the glasses, they will give a casual touch without "breaking" the label. Another option is to bet on glassware decorated with borders or drawings.

Details that make a difference

You already have everything (or almost) ready. But if you go for the Matrícula de Honor as a host, you can not forget the little details.

A napkin made for the occasion, an ornament with the name of each guest on the chair, the menu of the day ... It is not necessary to complicate life, just have a little imagination, a lot of desire and a waste of hope.

Do you want to surprise your friends with an original staging and the most springtime? Inspire yourself in this idea: trace the dragonfly drawing on white felt and cut it out. Make a hole, pass the string through it and knot it around the napkin. Ready!

Or a raffia ribbon, a clothespin and a paper ornament in the shape of a conch shell. And you already have a personalized and unique napkin holder to dress the table in your summer meals.

Dress the table: Tablecloth vs. paths

Or why not, both. And they do not have to be exclusive. Choose the option you choose, keep in mind that in general, a table will always look more dressed or formal with a tablecloth, especially if it reaches the floor. While if you choose roads, you will give a more casual look.

The option of combining paths and tablecloth is very fashionable and, in addition, it is very practical, since it protects the tablecloth from possible stains. It is worth evaluating, especially if the linen is delicate. You can choose a white base or raw, and give colour and freshness with the table runners (green water, fuchsia, mustard ...).

The placemats are another very useful complement. Although there are many materials (even crochet!), If you opt for fibres you will give a fresh and natural note to the table.

Message in a Bottle

This original handmade proposal to dress the chair is as easy as it looks. The bottles have been lined with decorated papers and have been completed with bluebells, which reinforce their fresh and country character.

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