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What reforms should you undertake to revalue your home up to 20%?

photo 1517581177682 a085bb7ffb15 1024x682 - What reforms should you undertake to revalue your home up to 20%?

Reform can mean revaluing a home up to 20%; that is to say, a profitability superior to the one that can be obtained with others types of products, the works also can get to increase a 25% the yield of the rents, that according to the last data of the Bank of Spain already are over the 4 %. In this post, we will detail the reforms that are recommended.

Thermal and acoustic insulation

Depending on the environment of the home, considerable improvements can be made to be made both inside and outside. Some possibilities to isolate a house from the acoustic point of view would be to provide the space with textiles or absorbent surfaces of sound, for example, also in walls and floors. On the other hand, for the well-being within the home, to thermally isolate there are three different solutions. However, many times the solution from abroad is not viable. It can also happen that the isolation by inner camera gives problems by the deficiencies of the camera of the building. In any case, we must bear in mind that these solutions on the inside take up space. Whenever possible, it is best to isolate from the outside in, as this prevents cold, heat or noise from entering. However, to isolate by the outside permission of the community of neighbours and the City council is necessary, the reason why if it is not possible it will be necessary to choose another option.


The ones that work best thermally and acoustically are wood or PVC with thermal bridge break since they prevent the heat or cold from being transmitted between the interior and exterior of the house. Therefore, it is possible to achieve significant savings on the bill. Likewise, changing the glasses by others of greater thickness, with air chamber, low emissions and with low shadow factor achieves less infiltration. The best solution is laminar or double glasses. The weather strips prevent infiltrations of air in carpentry that seal badly, achieving energy savings in terms of air conditioning and greater acoustic comfort, it is a cheap and easy to install solution, which does not require the hiring of any professional. When installing and sealing a window do not forget the ventilation, it is advisable to take advantage of the natural type to reduce the use of air conditioning. It is important to make sure that the windows are well protected by slats and oriented to strong breezes.

Floors and coatings

The characteristics of the finishes must be taken into account according to the aspects for which they are intended. It is not the same floor for a kitchen, which must be non-slip and waterproof, then a wall for a living room. The floor does not have to be dry or wet sliding. Soils in humid areas, such as kitchens or bathrooms, should be waterproof to a height of at least two meters to avoid damage, moisture and other problems. At the same time, it is important to take into account the colours, not only for its aesthetic value but also for its properties. The coatings may contain substances that are emitted to the environment over time, resulting in damage to health. It is recommended that the boards be class E, remove the plastic paints and proceed to paint with natural dyes or water-based paints, which allow the perspiration of the pores of the wall. Good insulation prevents the appearance of mould, bacteria and viruses.


In this aspect, it is convenient to replace traditional bulbs with LEDs. The light sources must be adjustable to avoid glare and adjustable intensity, in order to adapt the brightness to the needs of each moment. It is also important to have at home only appliances labelled A, A +, A ++, A +++ since they consume less electricity and water. Similarly, it is good to organize the house so that sunlight penetrates the rooms during the day and change the kitchen by induction plates, which prevent leaks, the risks of burns and are easy to maintain.

Efficient Boiler

Low-temperature or condensing boilers save fuel compared to conventional boilers. We also recommend boilers with automatic flame modulation that adapt the heat supply to the needs of each user. In this sense, it is essential to renew the air conditioning equipment.

Radiating floor

The installation of the radiant floor in very cold climatic zones improves comfort, since it achieves a higher temperature in the floor than in the ceiling, and achieves energy savings since the temperature needed to heat the spaces is lower than in the radiators. Keep in mind that heat always tends to rise, so placing it on the ground regulates a comfortable climate in the home.

Energy recovery system

You can take advantage of the air we expel to heat the interior of the house, since this is already at a higher temperature than the outside, so it will need less energy to heat it.

Change the bathtub by shower

The entry and exit of the shower can be an operation of difficulty and risk. One of the main measures we can adopt to improve accessibility is to replace the bathtub with a shower. If possible, the shower should be flush with the floor of the rest of the bathroom, with a slope to the drain not greater than 2%.

Home automation or technology systems

Luminous warning lights, presence detectors, automatic taps ... With these systems, it is possible to achieve considerable savings, given that they favour their shutdown when they are not needed. The regulation systems allow reducing the monthly consumption.

Replacement of the facilities if the reform includes bathrooms and kitchen

In these cases, when replacing the plumbing, sanitation and air conditioning installation, a cost is incurred that is not excessive in relation to the risks, bad smells or faults that are overcome. The same thing would happen with the electrical installation, which is basic to check from time to time to avoid cuts, overloads or other problems.

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