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Everything you need to know to attend the April 2019 Fair

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The April Fair in Seville is one of the most famous Spanish festivals, its scope is international and attracts tourists from all over the world. Every day the fairgrounds witness the passage of more than 500,000 people and the art that wastes this annual event with the southern magic of Spain. If this year you are going to visit this incredible fair, it is necessary that you know all the details it contains and, in this way, serve as a guide and tips to enjoy it to the fullest.

Where does this holiday come from?

The first Feria de Abril was held in 1847 and was intended for agriculture and livestock. Over time, taverns and kiosks were incorporated with snacks that were gained space. Nowadays the "booths" are no longer stables, but places to dance and enjoy Andalusian food and drink.

Where is it celebrated?

The exhibition centre is located in the neighbourhood of Los Remedios, next to the Guadalquivir river. It has more than 250,000 square meters divided into 25 blocks. So, if you do not want to get lost, here you can consult a map of the Seville Fair.

The site is divided into three areas, of which two are of interest: El Real and Calle del Infierno. To get there you can take a walk or, the most reasonable way to return to the centre, take one of the buses that depart from the Prado de San Sebastián. If you return at dawn, the queues, also for taxis, are legendary but at the same time real.

More than 1,000 booths

The Fair has 1,052 booths that are distributed in 15 streets. They are located, as every year, in the area of ​​the enclosure known as "El Real de la Feria de Sevilla".

The vast majority of booths are family or business or association, that is, private, so the only thing you can do is take a look from outside because you can only access them if you are a member or invite you. But there are 18 that are open to the general public, among them are the districts, the dedicated especially to tourists that were created last year, and those of political parties and unions. There is a waiting list of about 25 years to create a new booth at the Seville Fair, so, as you can imagine it is not easy.

Dress code

It's a fair, yes, but it's an elegant event and it has a very strict dress code. The minimum is shoes, nothing of sports and dockers, accompanied by a shirt and jacket.

In the case of women, the ideal would be a flamenco dress. They are sold and rented although it is true that those days the prices are quite high, so taking a detail like a flower in the hair is a good option. Otherwise? Elegant clothes, so as not to clash with the locals.

The street of "hell"

La Calle del Infierno is the street of sinners if for sinners we understand children, teenagers and not so young who like to get on fairgrounds. Actually, it is not a street but the area where there are bumper cars, ball pools, carousels and all those places, of changing and curious name, where you go up so that they turn you, raise you, lower you, give you turns to the stomach and make him laugh of pure adrenaline.


Fresh fish, cuttlefish, squid, anchovies ... The fried "pescaíto" is the king of the party and is accompanied by Jerez fine wine, chamomile or "rebujito", that is, chamomile or fine with Sprite, soda or mint. And you can not miss the fritters or churros with chocolate that will give you the energy to dance sevillanas without stopping.

On the night of the fifteenth, there is a 'pescaito' dinner, that's why they call it Pescaito Night. A selection of fritters that will delight fish lovers. If you are of equal meat it is going to touch you to have dinner in another place before. The rest of the days, tapas and/or portions, small portions or plates to share. A classic, here and anywhere, is the potato omelette and for something more local, the serranitos and the shrimp omelette.

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