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Tips to dress the bed in summer

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The good weather is already around the corner and it is time to adapt our bedroom to the nights of milder temperatures and that will soon give way to the hot summer nights. In this post, we bring you ideas, inspiration and tricks to decorate your bedroom with more refreshing air.

Keys to decorate the bedroom in summer

Add a green touch to your bedroom. You can do so by including a natural plant, as long as you consider it appropriate. The good thing about plants is that they bring natural freshness to the environment and help regulate humidity.

If you do not want to include plants in your bedroom, you can contribute this colour through other decorative elements such as sheets or a cushion. Precisely a colour accent will help you generate an atmosphere that transmits a more refreshing environment, especially if you do it by betting on the range of cold colours in light and bright colours.

Dress the bed for the occasion, use light bedding and summer bedspreads. On the other hand, it uses sheet sets in the same range of fresh and light colours that we mentioned previously to achieve that most refreshing atmosphere. Above all make sure that the textiles you use for the bed are breathable to get good ventilation.

During the hottest times, do not overuse the textiles in the decoration. Carpets are a great option for colder seasons, but in summer best to keep them or substitute carpets of natural fabrics. Long-haired blankets are also out of place, however decorative they may be at the foot of your bed.

As for the rest of the decorative elements, you can bet on the geometric, ethnic or tropical motifs adapting it to your personal style. The natural materials also transmit that freshness that we look for in summer; for example wood, brick, metal elements such as lamps or other pieces, wicker or raffia ...

Just like a thick curtain helps to provide a more comfortable and warm touch, the vaporous and fine fabrics give us that extra freshness we need in the hot months. In spring and summer, enhance the brightness of your bedroom with light curtains or neutral tones or with natural prints and fine fabrics that allow the passage of light.

Little changes

  • Take advantage of the change of wardrobe to remove carpets and other 'warm' elements (blankets, cushions with fabrics such as wool and the like ...).
  • Set a palette of colours to renew the decoration of your bedroom and adapt it with a more refreshing touch. Choose the main colour and one or two secondary colours, choose fresh and neutral tones.
  • With your new colour palette, use to include natural decoration through plants, wood or materials such as wicker, wall sheets or new more vaporous curtains.
  • When the time comes, remove the "winter" bedding and renew your wardrobe background with matching sheets and summer bedspreads. Always taking into account the main colours of your deco.
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