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Live in a castle worthy of Game of Thrones

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Who has never dreamed to know what it would be like to live a day in a castle? Or, why not, if you had in your hand the possibility of being a Lannister, a Stark or a Tully, what would be your King's Landing? If you want to live your own 'Game of thrones', that is, move to that other time in which cities grew in the shelter of castles, across the length and breadth of the old continent, escape to these abbeys and throw a lot of imagination. Today we bring you a selection of storytelling castles that you would love to conquer and enjoy.

Pazo de Leborans (La Coruña)

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In its origins, it was a defensive fortress of which a great tower of the XV and XVI centuries is conserved. Later the old manor house of the XVIII century was built.

The manor has 3 blazons or coats of arms. It has a chapel dedicated to San Felix child, dovecote, fountains, vegetable garden, stables, house of landlords and three springs. The whole is surrounded by 64,000m2 of gardens with swimming pool and infinity of unique corners. The construction can be extended since one of the lands annexed to the pazo is developable.

Historical and unique property (inscribed in the Book of Torres, Pazos and Lineages of the province of A Coruña) and included in the Catalog of the Cultural Heritage of Galicia. Since it is located on the Route of the Sea of ​​Arousa and Ulla del Camino de Santiago, it would be an extraordinary location for a luxury hotel venture with charm or events. The nearest beaches are Noia at 20 Kms. 13 Kms from Santiago de Compostela and 20 km from the airport. You can acquire 100,000m2 more of forest and agricultural land. The current use is residential and is in good condition.

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El Castillo del Cardenal (Fisterra)

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Castle of the XVIII century one of its charms is that it is reformed as it was in its origin, and adapted to the current way of life. The castle has a long history of battles, this coastal castle has resisted the invasion of Napoleon's troops and the incursions of the numerous pirates, protecting the traffic of the Venetian route in the Ria de Corcubión.

The castle has a total area of ​​approximately 50,000 square meters all surrounded by nature, bordering the sea and the native forests. Built about 2.700 meters and of these 700 tools approximately, all in a floor without architectural barriers, vaulted ceilings independent outlets and sea views from all the populace and from all rooms to the mountains and coastal towns. Four interior gardens, well and springs of great flow, central heating and line of private light. The property is a fortified S XVIII Peninsula in perfect condition and use.

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Jabalquinto Palace (León)

Emblematic and historic 17th-century palace, located in the heart of León, very close to the cathedral and in the centre of the Barrio Húmedo. Completely restored in the year 2000 and is one of the symbols of the noble architecture of Leon at the time. Built 945m on a plot of 516m.

It currently maintains original and restored parts of the palace and other interior parts have been adapted for current business, retaining the original charm. The façade, in ashlar stone, has five balconies with ironwork and carved davits. And in it is the nobiliary shield in stone of the marquises. Inside there are several patios, with original floors, one with arcades and another with a well of the time. The entire roof of the palace is restored and retains its Arabic tile.

The building has IT favourable until 2020 and has a level of protection II with a qualification of a singular historical building. Undoubtedly, this is one of the most unique and best-situated historical buildings in the Leon Center, with multiple uses, and with licenses for the existing premises.

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Murallas de Ávila

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No doubt a unique property which is hidden behind the walls of Avila from the s. XI an area declared a World Heritage site. The farm with more than 2.770 m2 is located inside the wall that delimits the plot by 2 of its 4 sides.

This feature is given thanks to its exceptional location in a corner of the walled complex of the city of Avila. It has more than 110 m of the medieval wall, 4 towers and numerous battlements that can be seen from the summer porch, the living room or the bedrooms. The house has a large distribution, spacious rooms and good light. It was built with high-quality materials and an excellent orientation to provide unparalleled views.

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Isla del Burguillo Castle (Ávila)

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The spectacular private island of 10. 850 m2 with a walled castle of almost 1,000 m2 built from the watchtower of 1927. Undoubtedly, one of the most luxurious and exclusive properties in Spain. The castle was built with the best qualities and has the best facilities, is completely self-sufficient thanks to the renewable energy provided by the solar panels, also has 2 generator sets and the concession of the CHT for the use of water from the reservoir.

With private parking area for 50 cars and heliport, exterior and interior lighting system led and private jetty. In addition filtration system and water treatment, central heating, water tank ACS, lift with a stop on four floors and music system

With crystal clear water from the Sierra de Gredos and gives the sand of its beaches its light colour and clean texture. The island is completely walled (granitic stone from 3 to 4m high), with three access doors to the beaches and the jetty.

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Bardaji Palace (Ibiza)

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A historic independent villa in the old town of Ibiza declared a World Heritage Site by UNESCO. It is an old palace, built in 1740 and renovated in recent years. From a beautiful terrace of 240 m², you have a breathtaking view of the old town, the harbour, the sea and the island. The palace has been renovated with the best materials and attention to detail.

The palace consists of 4 rooms with bathroom, from the dining room has a view of the cathedral. On the upper level, there is a roof terrace with barbecue, outdoor kitchen, a pool and plenty of space to relax and sunbathe. The view is especially impressive at night. A closed garage for 2 cars completes the property.

This unique property also includes a library, a high-quality music system installed, satellite TV, fireplace, open terrace, spa/jacuzzi, staff area, laundry, windows and doors with double glazing, security system. Central heating and air conditioning.

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