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Tips for choosing the perfect sofa for our house

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Of all the furniture that gives more headaches at the time of choosing is the sofa, is a fundamental piece that we use every day and all members of the family, so you have to take into account several tips to choose the perfect sofa that suits our needs.

Measure the space

The first thing you have to take into account to get down to work is to measure the room where we will place it, the distribution of furniture and how many people will use it daily. If it is of reduced dimensions, the ideal is a two-seater sofa. If we have a large room we can even place a pair of sofas of two or three squares facing each other, creating a space as a living room.

Try and try

It is important to try different ways of sitting, apart from choosing fixed or removable seats, motorized, etc.

The number of places

As for the number of seats on the sofa, sofas with chaise longue are also among the favourites why lie down and raise the "sofa, blanket and Netflix" to another level. In addition to allowing you to have a place more in case of trouble with the guests, however, the price rises a little more. In this case, you will have to assess if you prefer to adjust your budget more or spend a little more in exchange for taking advantage of the size for the seats.

Good materials

If we want to look at economic options and look for cheap sofas, what you have to take into account when choosing is that it has a good structure: metal for motorized sofas or if it is made of wood that is pine since it is light but resistant at the same time.

Stuffed and upholstery

About the materials: in the filling, always choose foams of more than 30 kg of density so that the sofa can stand longer and for the upholstery also choose a resistant option such as canvas, cotton or chenille - in the latter, dirt is less noticeable - and if you have pets you can evaluate anti-scratch fabrics.


The colour of the sofa is very personal, but if you do not have it very clear you can always bet on sofas with neutral colours: grey, earth ... even white - although this last option is risky with small or pets - and you can include contrasts in the cushions or blankets. The advantage of this type of colours is that they combine with all the trends and you can adapt to the accessories if you renew the style of the room.

Where do I buy it?

A question that we do not always meditate enough is where to buy it: it is very important to go to a store where they advise us well and know how to help us choose wisely which is the best sofa for us. But also keep in mind if they provide other types of services, such as transporting the sofa to your home, removing the old one and what kind of after-sales service they provide in case of any mishap. All these factors can mean the difference between a successful purchase or an ordeal until you get your sofa at home.

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