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Interior decorator: Everything you need to know How do they work? How much cost?

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If you are doing renovations in your home, have bought a new house or simply want to redecorate your home, have you thought about hiring a decorator? Not many people think about it and the main reason is that they do not know how much interior decorator costs. In this post, we will describe the work of a decorator, how you will know, how you will perform your work and finally, know what are their rates to have their services.

It may seem an unnecessary luxury, something very expensive to which only the rich has access. But you will see that interior decorators have very different prices depending on the project. In addition, with all the advantages and benefits of having a professional to decorate your home, the price will be more than justified.

Benefits when hiring a decorator

The first benefit of hiring the services of a professional comes alone: ​​he has taken care of all the decoration of your home and has taken off a lot of worries, meetings and work. But apart from dealing with everything related to the organization of the new decoration and all that entails, hiring a decorator has many benefits: the first is that the decorator is going to provide decorative solutions that you had never imagined. It is his job, he is a decoration professional, so he is used to solving space problems, decorating homes in very different ways and designing interiors so that they have an added value. You can have very good taste, you will have many things you want to decorate your home, but the decorator will always have better solutions.

Another of the benefits of hiring a decorator is your knowledge of the decoration market. His work forces him constantly to be tracking the market in search of furniture and complement for his projects. In addition, he has contact with many professionals of the sector, who help him to develop his projects in the best possible way.

But the most palpable benefit when it comes to hiring a decorator is the results. We have all entered a restaurant, at a friend's house or we have just seen a shop window and it has come to our mind that a decoration professional has worked there. You can always say that you have taken care of all the decoration of your house, but be sure that the work of the decorator will be visible and everyone will talk about it.

In the case of a business, the benefit is even greater. The solutions provided by the decorator will not only aim to meet the tastes and style that you want to give your business but also get to design a decoration based on visual merchandising techniques to help sell your product better. You will achieve through the decoration that your clients feel comfortable in your business and come back with the feeling that they are going to a unique and unrepeatable place.

How much does an interior decorator cost?

The way of working of the decorators varies mainly based on their experience, creativity of the professional, the way of working and their fees. The experience and creativity can be evaluated with the work you have done, and the way of working and the number of fees can be evaluated following the annotations that we show you below:

Free fees

These decorators offer their fees free of charge in exchange for the client purchasing the products of which the decorator represents and owns a commercial agreement. Working with this type of professionals has the advantage that they do not charge fees if you acquire a minimum volume of their products, but on the other hand it has the disadvantage that working this way, sometimes, can be more expensive than hiring the decorator to reform the home or local separately, since the margin of a decorator with your supplier can be between 10% and 35% per operation.

Subscriptions paid

These decorators charge for their fees depending on the m2 of housing or for indoor stays. Generally, these professionals decorate and work the space without taking into account a specific catalogue, so the project is usually richer and gives more freedom to the client when it comes to exposing their needs or choosing products. Generally, this type of professionals, once they have developed the decoration project, prepare a dossier with a list of products where the references and prices appear, so that the client can acquire them on their own, or that the decorator manages the purchase in exchange for a% of the products. The fees for this work format can range from € 10 to € 30 per m2. That is, if you have a house of about 100m2, a decorator could charge you from € 1,000 to € 3,000 approximately. Like everything in this life, the price gap can come by many factors, so we reiterate that it is best to ask for 3 or 4 budgets to different reform and decoration companies.

Percentage of decoration cost

Some decorators charge a percentage of the total cost of the decoration, including furniture, lamps, upholstery, curtains ... The price is usually between 10 and 20%. So, if all the decoration costs you € 6,000, you would be paying the decorator between € 600 and € 1,200. Situations in which it is advisable to hire a decorator If we do not know exactly what we want and/or we do not have knowledge about decoration, the interior designer will help us create a space specially designed for us, taking into account, mainly, factors such as lighting, materials and furniture.

On the contrary, if we are in love with a specific decorative style, the decorator will guide us on how to translate it into our home in the most appropriate way so that the result corresponds to our expectations.

If our home presents problems or deficiencies that we do not know how to solve. A complex distribution, sloping ceilings, a kitchen too small ..., can be issues that you do not know how to face for yourselves and that, however, interior designers are accustomed to solving frequently. The final outcome of the reform will be satisfactory only if good decisions are made in these complicated matters.

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