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Navy style: Ideas to take it to your home

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Starfish, tableware and textiles with aquatic motifs, paintings and fishing lamps ... Let yourself be inspired by the sea and give your house a beach look this summer. In this post, we explain the keys to the navy style and how to take it home.

Printed corals

A collection of seashells or, like here, a series of paintings with patterned corals, will decorate and give a nautical look to any corner.

The sea in your crockery

This tableware is inspired by marine elements, such as corals and starfish, to bring an elegant marine touch to the table.

Seashells in your dreams

A quilt stamped with sea shells will give a refreshing and very summery touch to your home.

To row!

Decorative wooden oars will add a 100% sailor touch to your summer apartment.

Some unique curtains

And that is where you see them, A very original resource with which to dress the windows of your summer apartment and with which you will give it an authentic sailor look are some light curtains that can really be a fisherman's net!

The stars that do not miss

They are decorative by themselves and, in addition, a nod to the sea. You can gather them in a centrepiece or on a tray or, for a more informal effect, leave some casually on the coffee table, the hall furniture or a dresser. They know the sea! Beacon lamp Inspired by the floating maritime buoy buoys, this lamp will give an original and very marine touch to any corner of the house.

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Conch Heart

If collecting shells on the beach with children is one of the summer entertainments, take advantage of them to make ornaments with a sea flavour, like a heart made with conches, perfect for hanging on any door or wall.

Decorative buoy

The fishing buoy was an old float made of a ball of glass wrapped in a braided rope that was used until the 50s. These coloured buoys were fixed in the fishing nets to keep them on the surface. Undoubtedly, will give a touch of a sailor to any corner of the house, either hanging or on a tray.

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Traveling walls

The cartographic maps and the lifeguard give the authentic sailor touch to the dining room

DIY candles

If you usually collect shells on the beach in summer and crafts are your thing, why not turn them into some original candles? Kits are sold to make homemade candles very easily.

Where is the beach?

In the hall or in the living room, a decorative arrow in the form of a poster, as well as an original one, you will always know the distance to the nearest beach.

Marine details

The little details count, to create an atmosphere with a sea flavour. A sailboat, a conch shell, a jar with seashells collected from the beach, a photo of a paradisiacal beach ...

Salt-smelling hall

From the paintings and the decorative coral to the lamp, with ceramic feet recalling the shell of a sea urchin.

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Crochet fish

If you're good at crafts, why not decorate the coffee table with cute little crochet fish? Decorative trays in the shape of fish, a small boat of ceramic paper and a starfish give the final touch to a very seaworthy picture.

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