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Spain is the world’s most attractive country for tourism

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In Spain as a travel destination, our historical and artistic heritage stands out, in which we appear well placed, in the first place, as the most attractive country for tourism, followed by Italy which, in this section, appears as number two. New Zealand completes the triplet. The rich history of the country, the accessibility for visiting numerous monuments and historical buildings and cultural activities, including gastronomy, also obtain high scores, ranging from 9.6 to 9.9. In this post, we tell you the ranking of attractive countries and the scores of Spain.

When travelling, everyone has their tastes and preferences. There are those who like to have everything under control and, on the other hand, there are more adventurers who prefer to keep the excitement until the last moment and know the destination only 48 hours before, an alternative that little by little has more followers.

Another type of traveller is loners. More and more people are leaving the group adventures to travel the world alone. The Spanish Confederation of Travel Agencies (CEAV) calculates that almost eight million people declare that they travel alone. In addition, it is estimated that, of this type of traveller, at least 30% have a partner.

Travelling alone is an experience that helps you to get to know yourself better, but it is also an alternative with many advantages: make a trip to measure, escape from routine, meet new people and feel the sensation of absolute freedom, among other benefits.

Spain ranks first as the best country in 2019 to travel. Only, according to the ranking prepared by the US magazine US News & World Report. A report that classifies countries according to whether they are culturally accessible, fun destinations, pleasant climate and insurance.

Spain, one more year, is in first place followed by Italy, in second place, and New Zealand, in third place. According to the data of the study, Spain receives a score of 10 out of 10 when considered as a 'friendly' destination, that is, a country with friendly and friendly people.

Another of the country's strengths is its heritage. Spain receives a 9.8 for having many cultural attractions and a 9.6 for having a rich history. Gastronomy, is another of the factors to be highlighted, is considered as very good and receives a note of 9.7.

The Top 10 of the best countries to travel are only completed by Greece, Australia, Portugal, Brazil, Ireland, Thailand and the Netherlands.

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