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Best beaches of the Costa Brava

calella parafrugell costa brava girona 79295 7993 - Best beaches of the Costa Brava

The Costa Brava stretches along the northern coast of Catalonia in the province of Girona from Blanes to the French border.

Travelling through this region is synonymous with sun, fishing villages to stroll among its lush vegetation, hidden coves, crystal clear waters and of course, is synonymous with beaches. In this post, travel with us all the coast to find the best beaches of the Costa Brava.

Do you want to go to the beach? Well, we discovered some of the most beautiful of the Costa Brava.

Begur Beaches

playa aigua xelida cala tamariu parafrugell 79295 7992 - Best beaches of the Costa Brava

Sa Riera, next to the neighbouring Aiguablava, may be one of the best-known coves/beaches of the Costa Brava. Easy access, family character and a few minutes from Begur, one of the essential towns for whoever wants to know the area. Aiguablava (blue water in Castilian) and its national Parador make up, for the good (water and landscape) and for the bad (massification in summer), the archetypal postcard of the Costa Brava. The rest of Begur's beaches (Sa Tuna, Aiguafreda, Fonda Beach ...) are also essential.

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Beach of Sant Pere Pescador

Between Sant Martí d'Empúríes and the town of Roses, following the whole profile of the Gulf of the same name, it extends, next to the beach of Pals (that of the old antennas of Radio Liberty, further south), one of the largest sandy beaches of the Costa Brava, in the antipodes of the most typical coves. Its length (about 40 kilometres) and width mean that even in August one can conserve the living space and plant the towel without listening to the neighbour's conversation. Beaten by the wind it has become one of the favourite beaches of the "kite surfers". In the central part of the beach, the Natural Park of the Aiguamolls (wetlands) of l'Empordà.

roses 943518 960 720 - Best beaches of the Costa Brava

Cala Montjoi (Roses)

The vast majority of mortals who could never dine at El Bulli can at least console themselves by soaking in the cove that hosted what was, before its closure, the best restaurant in the world. In the Natural Park of Cap de Creus, Montjoi, with grey sand, and its neighbours make up one of the most beautiful sets of coves in the area. Because of its collected nature, Montjoi, in particular, enjoys calm waters and not too much wind, although in return it is not excessively sunny, which adds to the normally cold waters of the area (warm for those who have tried the Atlantic).

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Cadaqués Beach

cadaques 838724 960 720 - Best beaches of the Costa Brava

Rocky and not especially suitable for sunbathing (yes to give a few strokes), the best of the beaches of Cadaqués is Cadaqués itself, par excellence the best known "charming" village on the Girona coast. Nestled in the natural park of Cap de Creus, and after a road of a thousand curves, the irruption of the white houses of this town that fell in love with Salvador Dalí leaves the traveller without speech. Take the aperitif on one of its terraces and, as one might say, soaking in one of its beaches, almost with the "martini" in hand, justifies one summer in itself.

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Cala Taballera (Port de la Selva)

There will be those who prefer a beach of fine sand where to take a nap. Others prefer to sacrifice some comfort by planting the towel in exchange for enjoying the crystal clear water offered by beaches and rocky bottoms. Cala Taballera is an option for the latter. Ideal for the practice of «snorkel».

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The Boadella (Lloret de Mar)

lloret mar castell plaja playa sa caleta costa brava cataluna espana 73503 637 - Best beaches of the Costa Brava

Lloret concentrates the best and the worst of the Costa Brava: the exceptional environment on the one hand, and the tourist overcrowding on the other, in a town (¿city?) That struggles to shake off its reputation as a mecca for booze tourism. Fortunately, the European youth who come to Lloret is rather lazy in nature, so they disdain the beaches far from the centre. One of them is La Boadella (between Lloret and Blanes, the limit of the Costa Brava in the south) and it offers everything one expects from the Costa Brava: steep landscape, pine forests and rocky bottoms ... At one end the nudism.

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The Lord Ramón Beach (Santa Cristina d'Aro)

Also known as Curcullada Creek, the cove is a narrow tongue of sand miraculously painted between a leafy pine forest and perhaps the most crystalline waters of the Girona coastline. The access is by a track, which leads to the parking (fee) of a beach bar.

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Cala Estreta (Palamós)

To access Cala Estreta (collection, coarse sand, rocky bottom ...) and the rest of the small neighbouring coves, you have to use part of the "Camino de Ronda", the path that almost overlooked the algua was once used by smugglers and sailors. In much of the Costa Brava, the "Ronda roads" have been recovered and are now travelled by many passers-by, who can combine the ride with a dip when the heat tightens. As in most coves collected, coexistence between nudists and textiles.

Vista platja de Castell Camí de ronda Palamós a les Cales Cala Estreta Costa Brava   panoramio - Best beaches of the Costa Brava

Beach of Es Castell (Palamós)

For its beauty, but also for its history, Es Castell is a gift, and also a postcard of what would have been of the Costa Brava without the tourist pressure and the eagerness to build that has ruined many of its landscapes. It was the neighbours of the area who is 1994 decided in a referendum to reject the construction of a golf course in the area, thus saving one of the most beautiful corners of the Empordà coast. The remains of an Iberian settlement guard the beach at one end. Easy access.

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