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Tips for rent a home to business

inmobiliaria cliente estrecharme mano 23 2147737915 - Tips for rent a home to business

Not all tenants who rent are private. Sometimes, it is companies that are behind the payment of a monthly payment. There are many companies that prefer this formula to accommodate their displaced workers before the hotel. The reason is usually of an economic nature. In addition, the employee will feel more comfortable because he will be at home. If you are thinking of renting your home to professional clients, you should consider some recommendations:

Rising Trend

If you were considering the possibility of putting your house for rent to companies, the truth is that now is the best time. This activity is currently booming, given that agencies specializing in managing this type of leases are emerging. Since it is an incipient business, joining this trend as soon as possible would secure a place to your property before it begins to consolidate.

Cleaning and internet services

The requirements of a rental to companies are higher than those of a traditional residential rental. It is very possible that you have to offer a daily or weekly cleaning service, so you will have to hire a professional to take care of it. Another essential is a good Internet connection since the inhabitant of the house will want to work and get in touch with his family.

Average contract duration

Renting companies is the right option if you don't want to tie yourself to a conventional rental that lasts for years for fear of having to recover the house and find an unreasonable tenant. Likewise, the excessive rotation of a tourist rental, which rarely exceeds the week, is avoided. The rents to companies are usually an average term since they last between one and six months.

Low risk of default

One of the advantages of this modality is its low risk of delinquency. Companies provide this expense in their balance sheets and it is difficult to stop meeting each other from month to month. This commitment gives the landlord great peace of mind. Although no company is free to go bankrupt, the truth is that it is more difficult for the payment to fail due to unforeseen causes in front of an individual.

Big cities

The geographical concentration is one of the characteristics that best define this type of lease. The profile of a displaced worker is that of an executive who must stay for a certain time in large capital, usually Madrid or Barcelona, ​​so if the house is in another city it will be difficult to introduce it in this market. We talk about foreign multinationals or diplomatic organizations that need housing for members of their staff.

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