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Pantone 2020: Classic Blue

photo 1466690672306 5f92132f7248 - Pantone 2020: Classic Blue

There are colours that never go out of style thanks to its elegance and timelessness. Whether in decoration as in fashion, black or white, they are always a trend. But not only neutral tones are always in our house or our wardrobe. There are those who accompany us season after season without being so basic. One of them is the colour that Pantone has chosen as the colour of 2020: the Classic Blue.

This dark blue color evokes calm and reminds us of the infinity of the sky. But, in decoration, where to put it? If you are not sure, let's review each room so you can choose which of them suits this dark tone full of glamor.

How to decorate with Classic Blue

In the living room

The living room is, of course, one of the places where we enjoy the most time at home. That is why we want to be relaxed and comfortable, but also to be pleasant to the eye. If you do not want to recharge it or it is not very wide, do not use navy blue on the walls. Do it on furniture and decorative objects and combine them with white or pastel shades. You will have the elegant and current lounge you always wanted.

In the bedroom

The bedrooms will not always be decorated with neutral colours and nothing flashy. The navy blue gives enough serenity to decorate this room and keep it functional. None of your visits will be indifferent to this part of your home.

In the kitchen

A kitchen reform is something that is always lazy given the high time and cost it can entail. But there are simpler solutions that change a kitchen completely without much effort. One of them is to paint the furniture. If it is made with navy blue combined with white, you get an elegant and striking stay, a success for little money.

At the entrance

The entrance, that corner of the house that we often despise when decorating. Don't do it, don't forget the first corner you see when you enter your house. With a little effort, you can make it more practical as well as impressive and beautiful. How would it happen if you painted Classic Blue?

In the bathroom

Yes, you can also wear navy blue in the bathroom. And yes, it can be combined with black if you know how to do it. But do not forget to follow the above tips to not reduce size and light to this room in your home.

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