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photo 1466690672306 5f92132f7248 - Pantone 2020: Classic Blue

There are colours that never go out of style thanks to its elegance and timelessness. Whether in decoration as in fashion, black or white, they are always a trend. But not only neutral tones are always in our house or our wardrobe. There are those who accompany us season after season without being so basic. One of them is the colour that Pantone has chosen as the colour of 2020: the Classic Blue.

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coty wide3 1024x627 - Deco trends: The colour of 2020 is going to be Back to nature

September begins and with it the countdown to the new year. New collections, trends and of course, the colours that will mark next year begin to be noticed. In this post, we tell you more about the colour 2020 that will be a trend.

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home 3095597 960 720 - Decoration trends: the colours that will triumph this summer

How to use and combine these colours?

Colours can brighten our lives and transform our rooms so that we have another perspective of our house. In summer, the intense and muted tones give the witness to the brightest and most daring. Yellows, pastel greens, roses and earth will dress your rooms from top to bottom. In this post we teach you how to use them and combine them, to get the most out of them.

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1dad008f068dde79ee55e9e5be6f332b - Terrazzo is once again a trend

The terrazzo has returned to our life in the world of decoration. And we say that he has come back because, like almost all fashions, he was once the last and stopped wearing. Surely you remember some house of the seventies with this material on the floor. Of course, the terrazzo of today has been reinvented and now it seems another.

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comedor con mesa redonda aparador decapado y sillas de ratan  00464934 cc2be59f 746x1024 - Shabby Chic: Discover this decorative style and the keys to adapt it at home


Sweet, feminine, luminous, personal, delicate, romantic, vintage ... Choosing the Shabby Chic style for your home is betting on elegance, warmth and femininity with that touch of the past as if it were a beautiful heritage. Because shabby means wore away by the passage of time. And this trend is committed to giving those old elements a more sophisticated and refined air, hence the word chic. With these qualifiers, who resists the shabby chic style? Discover your keys and be captivated

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