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What are the most common household accidents?

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Do you see that dark spot on your wall, which yesterday was tiny and today is larger than the State of Texas? It is the leak, a problem. In fact, it is the most common problem in homes. We tell you how is this and the rest of the most frequent mishaps in Spanish houses.


In insured homes in Spain, which are like 75% of all there are, almost two and a half million leaks occurred in 2018. One every twelve seconds or, if you prefer, four per minute. This makes it the most frequent home accident among those that occur in insured homes, but it is not the only one.

Broken glass

What about the broken glass? Judging by the figures, the truth is, if you've never broken a window or a door, it's like giving you a prize, because glass breaks are a whopping 1.2 million every year, one every 26 seconds.

Assists and other damages

The third reason for a home accident that exceeds one million events is the assistance services provided through the insurers.

To this, we must add the mishaps, in amounts not negligible, which are noted as electrical damage, damage caused by weather, theft, consultations or legal proceedings, fires ...

All this forms an environment of more than seven and a half million compromised situations that occurred in homes in 2018 and that were resolved by insurance, based on the appropriation of more than six million euros each day.

Spaniards invest in home insurance € 4.5 of every € 100 they spend

Few things are more powerful, varied and capable than home insurance. To begin with, because in reality, it is not insurance: it is the insurance of insurance, because although the client pays a single price, in exchange for it he obtains a varied range of solutions and services (that is why it is called multi-risk). Almost anything that can happen in a home is under the umbrella of these contracts, whose popularity, as there are regions in Spain where almost all of the houses are insured, attests to their level of service and their importance to customers who buy them.

Anyway, although today the ceiling is clean and of a homogeneous colour, it is possible that one day the thing will change and an accident will occur in the home. But, remember: moisture stains, for sure, are less.

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