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What is Build-To-Rent and how can you earn money with it?

llave primer plano casa juguete 23 2147797560 - What is Build-To-Rent and how can you earn money with it?

The objective is to build buildings so that the buyer puts all the houses for rent.

It is a business model that gradually increases its weight in Spain but is still far from the importance of other markets such as the British.

One of the ballasts of the Spanish market is that it has a very traditional perspective, in many cases driven by laws that penalize those who want to place housing on a market lease.

Is the rental market destabilized in Spain?

Today the experts of the national Real Estate explain to us how is the housing market

To get an idea, everyone agrees that 97% of the rental housing in Spain is at market price.

Which means that in the event that there is price regulation, it would only lead to destabilizing it and reducing the offer.

A fact that one way or another would end with an increase in the price of housing in this same format.

An interesting option for real estate investors

Although Spain has traditionally been a market for sales and still is, the reality is that trends change and new generations are committed to new ways of living.

The rent is increasingly taking more weight in the market, which means that it will increase its interest for the investor.

If you are thinking about real estate investments, this can be a great opportunity.

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1 thought on “What is Build-To-Rent and how can you earn money with it?

  1. Harm Heersmink

    Hello ! Please let me know how much interest(rent) we can make on houses
    in Spain. I owned several houses in that area but could not make much profit
    and sold them all again. Who is taking care that the houses are rented and who
    is taking care of the maintenance etc.etc.
    Can you give by mail some more information ?
    Harry Heersmink
    [email protected]


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