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Tips to have a tidy living room

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Does your living room always end up look mess? Do you think you order it and a week at most everything is back in the middle? You have to find the solution and that happens by winning sites to order and have the keys to do so.

As important as having space is knowing how to use it. It is true that furniture with doors conceals the disorder inside, but it is much more pleasant to open a closet and that everything has its place inside.

In the case of showcases, cupboards or bookstores there are no excuses. Everything is insight. And this is where you should help yourself with boxes and baskets to store small items. In addition, the boxes are perfect subject books, for example, on shelves. So they are a very good avenue couple to maintain order in the living room.

And then there are the tricks to gain a sense of order that is not so tied to the capacity of the furniture itself. These are aspects, generally related to the sense of sight, that influence the perception of the organization. It is the visual order.

Baskets, great allies

In the living room, a fiber or textile basket is decorative and will help you organize the blankets and some cushions. Also, magazines or controls of audiovisual equipment. They are multipurpose. You have to have them now!

Coffee table decoration

It usually occupies a central place, as the name implies, and the view goes to it. If what you put on top is well ordered, it will help you to have that feeling transmitted to the room in general. Two tricks for a magazine table: group in piles and use pretty boxes.


Hiding this element behind a smooth-sliding panel works. The fewer objects in sight, the greater the sense of order.

There is space under the long bench

Several pretty baskets will give you a break. Place them under a bench and you will protect from dust what you keep inside them.

Clear passageways

It is about the passage areas are left to enhance the sense of order. And for this, you have to plan. For example, what are you going to place a pair of pouffes next to the coffee table? Think of work solutions so that they are collected when you do not use them.

The controls in boxes

They have to be at hand but that does not mean lying on the couch. Store them in a box, all together, or in a drawer. And this also applies to other electronic devices.

Cleared surfaces

If it is difficult for you to maintain order or you tend to accumulate, with more reason keep the furniture surfaces clear. Only with fair ornaments.

Tables with storage

When choosing the coffee table or an auxiliary, keep in mind that the models with shelves under the envelope offer extra storage space.

Side tables that promote order

Of course, you can choose a table model that is two in one: decorative and functional. They are usually designed that when you lift the lid allow you to store treasures inside. This type of basket lets you see what you keep.

Well placed cushions and covers

It is over getting up from the sofa and leaving it that way ... the visual order goes through ordering the cushions and stretching the seat covers.


It is a perfect location to gain storage space and does not inevitably go through custom furniture. When the ladder is in the living room, place a drawer cabinet underneath.

The upper part of the walls

For example with shelves or shelves. In the upper area they don't fill up too much and they will help you organize books.

Where I keep the firewood

If you have a fireplace and store some logs at home, this can generate a lot of mess. Design a custom space next to the fireplace to organize the firewood.

Disproving myths: Large capacity furniture is very heavy

If the line is straight, simple, almost minimalist and with smooth fronts and without handles, you can have the ability to order and that the room is not filled.

Bottom drawers

Here is a risk: filling them too much or wasting space. More than ever, you must sort its interior by layers, the heaviest in the base and help you with compartmentalization boxes.

Sorting the books

If they are visible in the bookstore, keep an order. You can do it by author, by style or by sizes. Perhaps this last way of organizing volumes is the most colourful and aesthetic.

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