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Understand the legal procedures to rent an apartment

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Do you have an empty house? Have you tired of paying every month the fixed expenses of having an uninhabited property? If you have finally decided to lease a home, before placing the ad, you have to be very clear about all the legal procedures to rent an apartment.

In this way, the whole process will be much simpler, you will not fall into errors and you will find the best tenant in a very short time. Thus, you can start enjoying the rental in a very short period of time. In this post, we tell you what are the legal procedures necessary to rent an apartment.

Energy Efficiency Certificate

Since the approval of the Royal Decree, in 2013, before starting any sale or rental operation, it is necessary to have the energy efficiency certificate. This is a document that analyzes the number of CO2 gases that the building emits into the atmosphere.

For this reason, before you start writing the ad with which you will advertise your property so that the tenants are interested in it, check that you have the document and that it is in force. At the time of posting the ad, remember that it is mandatory that you always include this label and, in addition, once leased, you must give a copy to the new tenant of the certificate so that the tenants have all the necessary information about the property they have just rent.

Property Documentation

Sometimes, given so many problems that usually arise between rents with individuals or without a contract, the tenants ask the owners to prove that the house to be rented is, in fact, the one that has been presented as a landlord. To be able to prove it, the homeowner must deliver a copy of the deed of that property, where it appears who is the owner. In addition, in these cases, it is also usual to provide photocopies of the last receipt of the Property Tax (IBI) and, in case you have not been rented before, the last invoices of the supplies.

Leasing contract

Another of the legal procedures to rent an apartment is to record in a document all the points that have been made. It is important that, although you can verbally reach an agreement with the landlord, you should consider the importance and legality of having a rental agreement. In this way, whenever there are doubts, it can be used to dissipate them.

Among the elements that can not be missing in it, include:

  • The name and ID of the owner
  • Personal data of all tenants over 18 years old
  • The duration of the agreement
  • The amount of the rent and the deposit (if any, also the additional guarantees)
  • All rights and obligations of both parties
  • Other clauses on the stay in the house (housing disposal clause, for example) always according to law

Professional advice

At first, and especially if it is the first time you are going to offer your house for rent, it can be a somewhat complicated process. So that it is not, the best way to be able to rent a house in a safe way and with guarantees and, thus, to be able to comply with all the legal procedures is to resort to the help of a professional of the rental real estate sector.

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