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Fall in love with your home on Valentine’s Day

photo 1516455590571 18256e5bb9ff 1 - Fall in love with your home on Valentine's Day

Do you remember that day you premiered home? The illusion that made you furnish it and fill it with personal items ... Well, that's just the feeling we should always keep alive. Have you been living in it so long that you no longer see it with the same eyes? If you feel that the flame of love towards your house is going out, we offer some reasons for you to fall in love with it again. Get a crush on your house again this Valentine's Day!

Take advantage of the light

The sun that enters your house makes it come alive and joyful. Ally yourself with the light and take advantage of it by playing with the distribution of the furniture, the type of curtain fabric and the lining materials and objects.

Decorative details

We love art in all sizes and formats, but finding a place for occasional personal memories is very necessary. Search for travel photographs, gifts from family and friends and other objects of sentimental value and distribute them throughout the house. As long as you are not sure about including a certain photograph because it can break the aesthetic, use black and white. Always works.

New look

Rejuvenating your home or modernizing it is as simple as changing the fabrics of the cushions or curtains. Even the plaids and carpets. What do you think if you try the colour of the year? Let yourself be seduced by the Classic Blue.

Create your special corner

We all need a favourite area at home, whether it's a shelter to read in the living room or a mini-spa in the bathroom. Dedicate a space for yourself when you want to be alone and customize it.

Fill your house with life

If you don't have plants in your house, research flowers and plants and find the ones that go with you the most. Although you have not been particularly good, there will always be some resistant and perfect indoor plant for that lonely corner. You will see how much life they will give to your house!

Love at first sight

The hall is the first thing you see when entering your home and the last place you step on before going outside. It is seeing your house again and just seeing it fall surrendered to it. Get that effect with the best of the receivers.

Surround yourself with the people you love

Celebrate a good lunch or dinner with your friends and family. Because in the end, the love you feel for your home is because you share it with who you want.

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