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What are the expenses in renting a flat?

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Are you an owner and are you going to rent a flat? Or, on the contrary, a tenant looking for a rental apartment? Whatever side you are, this entry interests you! In this post, we detail the expenses in renting a flat.

The expenses that an owner has when renting a flat

Reforms and conditioning

Before putting a home for rent, it is essential that we review it and verify that everything is in good working order. When a property is closed for a while, or when other tenants have just left, it needs us to prepare it and make a tune-up. To do this, we must think about investing in cleaning, painting and performing all possible improvement works.

Register supplies

Before advertising our rental home we must register the supplies of the property. This measure is key to speed up leasing processes, as it will allow the house to be ready to move into it at any time. The registration of supplies for a rental home usually has a small cost depending on the company that is hired. Remember that, after renting the house, the tenant will have to proceed to make a change in the ownership of the supplies, so that the charges and receipts will be turned directly to him.

Home insurance

Although it is not mandatory to have it, it is an important element in any home because it covers us from possible incidents and offers us great peace of mind. You must analyze the different types of home insurance that you can find in the market and which interest you most depending on the coverage you want. This expense is annual, although you can divide it.

Energy certificate

As we have already informed you on other occasions, before putting a home for rent you need the house to have an energy efficiency certificate, mandatory by law, where the energy label of the house is reflected. On average, approximately, its obtaining and registration are about € 100.


To rent with maximum guarantees and with full security you will need the advice and attention of real estate professionals. By letting you advise and manage your home by professionals in the real estate sector, you will have to pay a minimum fee to the company for its work and that will be included in the rental costs of the property.

The expenses that a tenant has when renting an apartment

In the case of tenants, these are some of the expenses to consider when renting a flat:

The rent

That will be agreed by the parties and in the lease and that you will have to pay the deadline stipulated and agreed. Normally this is done the first days of the month.

Security Deposit/Deposits

As the Law of Urban Leases says, when formalizing a rental there must be a legal bond, which normally corresponds to a monthly rent, and paid by the tenant, being the owner in charge of depositing it in the competent agency, according to the Autonomous Community where the property is located. On the other hand, there are rentals in which in addition to the deposit, additional guarantees are agreed. With the entry into force of the new legislation, it cannot exceed more than two months of rent, but you will have to take it into consideration to know the expense you will have.


The cost of supplies will vary depending on the expense you make on your rental home. Electricity, water and gas must be placed in your name and domiciled in your bank account.


Although the property of the property has home insurance it is always interesting and advisable that as a tenant you have civil liability insurance against third parties, in this way, any incident that may occur in your day to day, will be covered. In addition, there are many tenants who are also interested in ensuring the content of the home and their belongings, that is the choice of each.


Although you can do it yourself, there are tenants who prefer to hire a moving company to help them and expedite the transfer. If you choose this option, the transfer to your new rental home will increase the cost a little more.

Rental ITP

This tax is still a great unknown to many, but we are not exempt from paying it. The tax on property transfers in the rental is mandatory for tenants.

Agency Fees

To have a safe and legal rental it is always advisable that we rent through real estate professionals who, not only will help us in the search of our rental apartment, but will advise and accompany us throughout the term of the rental contract.

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