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hr auditoria reanudar documento solicitante entrevista al solicitante seleccion recursos humanos empresa discutir conceptos entrevistas trabajo 89286 157 - Property Manager: Who is it, how can it help you?

Who is the property manager? What are your main tasks? A recognized and collegiate professional who represents an essential figure in neighbouring communities, do you know what he can do for you? And for your community? In this post, we detail the work of this professional so that you know his work in the sector

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A development of terraced houses on the beach front, with a swimming pool and spacious gardens. This sounds like a place in many people’s dreams, but for about 50 people who live in La Borboleta development in Manilva the maintenance of this residential complex is becoming a real nightmare.

Apartments in SpainSo many people have failed to pay their community fees that, after already having had to cut back on the number of hours spent on maintenance work and gardening, the water supply could be cut off within a few days, says property administrator Rafael Mena.

Five British owners are responsible for the largest part of this debt, because between them they owe more than 25,000 euros. A debt recovery company in the United Kingdom is now looking for them so they can be brought before the courts.
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