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Practical tips for owners of holiday rental properties

Consejos practicos para propietarios de alquiler vacacional - Practical tips for owners of holiday rental properties

Owning a holiday rental property can be a great investment and source of income, even in the complicated circumstances we’re living through. The situation is complex and it's a highly competitive market. Therefore, it’s essential to stand out and offer customers the best experience. How can you do that?

Guidelines for owners of holiday rental properties

Below, we offer some practical tips so that being the owner of a holiday rental property is always a satisfactory activity:

1. Legalise the use of the property

The temptation not to register your property to avoid paying taxes can be strong, but you have to take into account that having a legal business offers guarantees, security, and trust to customers. This small detail can be the deciding factor when choosing between various possibilities.

The guest knows that a legal establishment is obligated to respect certain requirements and is protected in the event of any breaches. The possibility of signing a contract also offers holiday rental property owners security in the face of any illegal actions or inappropriate behaviours by guests or when facing unexpected inspections or fines.

2. Visibility

It’s key to advertise the holiday rental property on a suitable platform where people searching for tourist accommodations can see the property’s characteristics through high-quality photos as well as check prices, conditions, and more. It’s also a good idea to take advantage of the infinite possibilities that social networks offer.

In addition, these media are an endless source of information to learn what travellers are looking for and adapt to the demand or how to improve in the case of a negative critique.

3. An impeccable home with everything you need

First impressions are fundamental. A holiday home doesn’t have to look like it’s straight from a magazine cover, but it should be decorated and furnished with a bit of taste. What's more, the customer must also find everything they need for a pleasant stay, from linens to silverware. Of course, a good cleaning is essential.

4. Tiny details that really count

There are aspects that improve clients’ impressions, but that some holiday rental property owners miss out on. Key pick-up at the lodging itself as well as offering information on tourist attractions or on essential services in the area, toiletries, or a small welcome gift are always well received by customers and will leave them with a much more positive impression of the property.

5. Extraordinary circumstances

In times of crisis, such as the situation triggered by the coronavirus, holiday property owners must show that they’re able to rise to the challenge. Rigorously complying with hygiene and safety guidelines for establishments is essential, as well as clearly informing customers of the protocols followed. It’s a way to strengthen trust and safeguard public health.

In times of uncertainty, it’s also a good idea to make decisions such as considering a more flexible change and cancellation policy, more competitive prices, or searching for new niches in the market.

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