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Clausula COVID en el alquiler a estudiantes - The COVID clause in student flat rentals: avoid conflicts in the face of another outbreak

The school term is coming up and like every year, university students are in the middle of searching for a flat to share. This time, they are also facing the uncertainty of a year affected by COVID-19 and the possibility of new outbreaks. It seems that classes will be face-to-face, but the possibility that they will be given online with or without another lockdown is also a reality. Given all of this, it is necessary to prevent conflicts by including a COVID clause in student rental contracts.

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post COVID 19 forecasts - Post-COVID-19 forecasts in the real estate sector

The coronavirus crisis has affected all economic sectors and among them, of course, the real estate sector, which has only recently recovered from the deep crisis it suffered in 2008. During the first quarter of 2020, the Housing Prices Index in Spain rose 1.1%, according to the National Institute of Statistics (INE, for its initials in Spanish). But the lockdown marked a turning point and the post-COVID-19 forecasts are not very encouraging in the short-term, although the dip is small compared to the previous crisis.

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Consejos practicos para propietarios de alquiler vacacional - Practical tips for owners of holiday rental properties

Owning a holiday rental property can be a great investment and source of income, even in the complicated circumstances we’re living through. The situation is complex and it's a highly competitive market. Therefore, it’s essential to stand out and offer customers the best experience. How can you do that?

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COVID 19 Rental Assistance - COVID-19 Rental Assistance

Recent months have been tough as a result of the situation created by the coronavirus, and this is true for housing as well. Circumstances have made it so that many families, indeed up to 500,000 people, are facing difficulties when it comes to paying rent. This has led the government to take some measures in this regard, including nation-wide COVID-19 rental relief payments.

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casas madera miniatura flecha roja abajo 72572 906 2 - Real estate agents anticipate a freeze on home purchases due to the coronavirus

The brake has been slammed on, in relation to the sale and purchase operations. Experts and operators in the sector anticipate a stop in the number of housing transactions. The coronavirus will cause delays in purchasing decisions among those people who were considering changing their homes, among those who had started the process of finding homes and among those who had already seen apartments and were doubting whether to reserve the one that had most affected them. liked it or not. These potential buyers may be thinking about the effects that the coronavirus may have on the real estate market in the form of possible price drops that they can benefit from later.

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