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Buying a country house: what to consider if you are thinking of moving to the countryside

comprar casa rural que aspectos considerar si estas pensando mudarte al campo - Buying a country house: what to consider if you are thinking of moving to the countryside

Escape from the hustle and bustle of the big city, have a quiet place to work from home or a retreat to rest on weekends or holidays. Many reasons may encourage us to buy a cottage. But whatever the reasons for purchasing a home in the country, you should take into account some aspects to make this dream a source of happiness.

Considerations when buying a country house

We offer here 7 points to consider for those who are thinking of buying a country house shortly.

1. Home or retreat

That's the first question we should answer before launching into the search for a house in the countryside. The needs in terms of space, distribution or services will never be the same in a habitual residence than in a second residence.

2. Legality

Especially if it is an isolated house, we should check whether it is in building land, has all the permits and is deeded. Only that way we'll have access to utilities, and will avoid problems in the future. And, of course, we strongly recommend making sure that it is free of charges in the Property Registry.

3. Access and surroundings

For safety and comfort, the home must have easy access and in good condition. Ideally close to a town or city to be near shops, health centres and other essential services.

Regarding the location, focus on the neighbourhood. On the one hand, to avoid noisy environments due to agricultural tasks, for example. On the other, to know if there are plans of urban action and real estate development that could cloud that longed-for tranquillity.

4. Facilities and utilities

Before buying a property in the countryside, it is advisable to check these questions carefully. Water, electricity and sewer are essential for most. While it is true that, if there is no connection, wells, generators or septic tanks may be the solution, although perhaps not the most comfortable.

Also, when the objective of buying the house in the country is to telework, check not only that the Internet arrives, but the coverage is good, which is required to avoid headaches in the future.

5. New house, to reform or land to build

Acquire a new home will save you the hassle, but for its price not always will be possible. In the case of a house to reform, the works can also be expensive. It would be convenient to check the property doesn't have serious structural problems that could trigger the budget.

And, in the case of buying a land to build on it, you have to know that the regulations vary by region and there may be legal obstacles you should get informed on firstly.

6. Financing

Prices in rural areas are usually more affordable than in the city. But it can be more difficult for banks to grant mortgages that cover most of the value of the home. We suggest seeking advice before deciding.

7. Don't rush

The offer of country houses, villas in idyllic settings and cottages is immense: with sea views or in the mountain; simple shelters or luxurious villas; within a large estate or in small villages. To make the right choice, you'll need time searching.

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