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How to know if you’ve found the home of your dreams

casa de tus suenos - How to know if you’ve found the home of your dreams

Sometimes, it’s love at first sight. But it’s not always so easy to decide if that house we’ve seen is destined to become our home. It’s an important investment and it’s logical that some questions will come to mind. However, there are a few signs that can help you figure out if you've truly found your dream home.

How do you know if you’ve found the home of your dreams?

When it comes time to make a final decision, it’s important feel sure. These are some of the signs that you’ve found the home of your dreams.

1. It meets your most important requirements

Before you take the plunge and buy your forever home, you always have to have a few things clear: budget, surface area, distribution, number of bedrooms or bathrooms, a terrace, a garage, etc. The ideal home will meet all the requirements you have or, at minimum, the most basic ones.

Of course it’s complicated to find the perfect house, but sometimes, with some minor changes, you can be very close to finding it. If you realise that what you don’t like can be easily fixed by, for example, tearing down a wall or changing where a door is located, you may be before the house of your dreams.

2. You can see yourself living there

Just looking at it, you start picturing where you’ll put your furniture or sound system, you think of how to lay out the living room or how to decorate the bedroom, you can see yourself kicking back and relaxing on the terrace or playing with your kids in the park nearby. If this happens, it’s because you already feel at home and you're in your home.

Walking through the door and starting to dream of a new life is nearly always indicative that you've found your future home.

3. You always find arguments to defend it

This is another sign that indicates you’ve found the home you've been looking for. If you only argue for it when you’re talking about it or if you get defensive when someone makes a tiny critique or sees some problem, it's because you've more than made up your mind on what you think might become your home.

When there is no reason to make you doubt or think that those problems that someone told you aren't important or can be easily fixed, you can rest assured that you’re already imagining that the home is yours.

4. It becomes a point of reference you compare all the others to

You've visited several properties and it's logical for you to compare them to each other before deciding on one of them, but you don’t want to continue searching because there's a house that has really caught your eye. Or maybe you keep visiting homes, but you end up comparing all of them to one in particular. These are signs that you've already made a decision, even if you don't realise it.

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