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Buying on the coast: why it is worth it and where to do it

comprar en zona de costa por que merece la pena y donde hacerlo - Buying on the coast: why it is worth it and where to do it

The second home market has always been very active. Many people consider buying a property for holidays or as an investment when they have acquired certain financial solvency. When the time comes, purchasing in a coastal area is usually the first option.

Thousands of kilometres of coastline, an immense variety of property offer and the opportunities of obtaining profit with tourist rental are some of the reasons that give the final push when deciding to buy on the Spanish coast.

Tips to avoid mistakes

Whatever the reason for purchasing a home, you have to take into account some recommendations. In the case of second residences, we must not lose sight of the following:

• The first thing is to decide if it will be used only for yourself or will get rented.
• If it is intended exclusively as a second residence, you must consider the distance to your usual home.
• If the aim is to rent, location becomes essential. We recommend searching for an attractive and very demanded coastal area.
• Besides, don't forget to calculate the recurring expenses of the property that go beyond the initial investment: maintenance, taxes, etc.
• Lastly, we suggest counting on professional advice. Real estate agents know the market very well and will recommend the best coastal areas thinking on the options globally (weather, transports, services, noise, etc.).

Options for buying on the coast

Any location of the Spanish coastline has enough attractions to invest in a second home, although experience shows there are some with a particular appeal:

The Canary Islands and the Balearic Islands: are the big stars regarding international tourism. Therefore, they are perfect for acquiring a second home to rent rather than for personal use.
Costa del Sol: due to its weather, its atmosphere, its good connections and the much cultural offer of Malaga city, it is a great area to invest in a second home. Especially if you think about renting, both short and long term rental.
Costa Blanca: the coast of Alicante is a sought destination for national tourism that comes from inland, but also for international tourism. Therefore, it is a good choice for both second residence and rental.
Costa de la Luz: Cádiz and Huelva offer the charm of their endless beaches, natural areas of magnificent beauty and the opportunity of enjoying all kinds of water sports in their waters.
Costa Dorada: for those who live in the northeast of the peninsula, it is a good place for a second home due to its proximity and leisure offer. In addition, their prices are more affordable than in the other great coastal area of ​​Catalonia, the Costa Brava.

Buying on the coast is a good investment at all levels: it is the opportunity to have an oasis where to relax next to the beach during your holidays and, on the other hand, give you the way to earn economic benefits when choosing to rent, even temporary.

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