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Hire an estate agent to sell your house or do it on your own behalf?

Hire an estate agent to sell your house or do it on your own behalf - Hire an estate agent to sell your house or do it on your own behalf?

One of the big questions that comes up when you want to bring out a property is whether it is convenient to do it on your own or if it is better to hire an estate agent to sell the house. Given that selling without intermediaries in advance means saving on commissions and getting extra profitability, the first option is usually the one to be considered before.

However, these advantages do not always imply greater profits. On the one hand, the real estate market is a complex one and it is subject to many variables. On the other hand, what is saved on commissions can go to waste in the form of time and effort. And lastly, there is the possibility for the sale to be delayed and end up being sold at a lower price.

Why hire an estate agent to sell

Hiring an estate agent to sell means leaving the whole process to them. Therefore, the essential criterion is to choose a person or agency that offers trust and guarantees. Regarding this, the advantages are important:

1. Experience

An estate agent knows perfectly how the market works, they are able to value its evolution, function resolutely within the property sales market, and attract potential buyers. These are factors that noticeably speed up the sale of housing. On this matter, it should be considered that the longer the property stays on the market, the harder would be to sell it.

In addition, the estate agent is aware of all the steps that must be taken, all the legal proceedings that must be completed, and the tax liabilities involved in the process of selling a property. It is important to keep in mind that the taxation of housing is constantly changing. Just throughout the recent months have been noticed changes regarding the capital gains tax, the new cadastral reference value, the limitation to increase the rental income, or the processing of the new Spanish Housing Law that will be approved in the short term.

2. Scope and Visibility

Nowadays, property searches are mostly done online. An estate agent is endowed with professional tools and knows the best techniques so that the property reaches the largest possible number of interested parties. The visibility always increases the chances for fast selling.

3. Negotiating skills

During the trading process of a house, it is key to know how to negotiate for two reasons. On the one hand, an estate agent is able to negotiate with the owner to adjust the price to a real market value, away from some emotional factors that sometimes imply an unjustified increase in the selling price, which will only make it difficult to close the operation.

On the other hand, they will also be in a position to negotiate with potential buyers to obtain the highest possible profit from the sale. In this sense, the experience is a key factor to keep calm, argue, and get the purchase agreement for the target price.

4. Convenience

This is one of the greatest advantages of hiring an estate agent to sell. Posting ads, dealing with the interested parties, planning and attending to the visits to the property, or carrying out the procedures entail time that one does not always have. Relying on professionals for the sale means not worrying about anything until the signing date of the sale contract.

Spainhouses helps you find professionals

If you have been convinced about the advantages of hiring an estate agent to sell after reading all of the above reasons, you just need to choose the expert. Spainhouses makes it so easy to choose right.

In our estate agencies search engine, you can find estate agents and companies that work in the area where the property you want to sell is located. Along the process, you will save a lot of time and the professionals will help you to get the maximum benefit from the sale of your house.

And if you want to do it on your own, you can post your real-estate ad for free and make it visible to thousands of people around the world.

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