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How to prepare a house to sell it faster

Como preparar una casa para venderla mas rapido - How to prepare a house to sell it faster

When you are hoping to quickly sell a home, you need to be very aware that first impressions are fundamental. Offering an image of cleanliness, order, and spaciousness is essential for attracting potential buyers from the very first moment. Thus, it’s a good idea to prepare a house in order to sell it faster.

How to prepare a house to sell it

You don’t have to do any major remodelling, but rather follow some simple recommendations in order to sell a house much quicker:

1. Eliminate excess

This consists of, at first, freeing up spaces. Rooms overloaded with furniture and decorative objects seem much smaller.

Second, you should remove anything that is personal in nature. You want any person who may be interested to be able to imagine the house as their home, decorated to their tastes. If it's full of family photographs, striking objects, or very personal items, this becomes more complicated. The more neutral the home appears, the better.

2. A fresh coat of paint

Paint can radically change a room's appearance. On the one hand, it gives a clean, tidy impression. On the other hand, if you choose a good colour, the room will appear more luminous and spacious.

So, the best option is to avoid trends, as not everyone likes them. It’s preferable to choose neutral colours in light hues, which can also be combined with any decorating style.

3. A bit of window-dressing in the kitchen and bathroom

These are two of the rooms that draw the most attention. In the bathroom, clean grouting and toilets and fixtures in good condition are fundamental to making the best possible impression. If they are deteriorated or old-fashioned, it’s best to replace them.

In terms of the kitchen, eyes are drawn to the furniture and countertops. To renew cabinets, changing the doors may be enough. Also, countertops can be substituted by other materials such as laminates, which are appealing to the eye and economical.

4. Improve the lighting

Natural lighting gives off a sensation of warmth, so it’s important to boost it by opening up blinds and taking down heavy curtains. In small homes, this is possibly even more important. If there are dark areas, install a lamp or accessory lighting fixture to illuminate the shadows.

5. Exteriors are also important

When it comes to preparing a home for sale, don’t forget the terraces and gardens. They are especially attractive elements for many buyers. A terrace with simple but inviting furniture, well cared-for plants, and a clean façade can significantly improve potential buyers’ impressions.

6. And always, cleanliness and order

Cleanliness and order are two unquestionable aspects. A dirty, unkempt home makes a terrible impression, so it’s a good idea not to skimp on cleaning. Furniture, walls, floors, tiling, and woodwork should be spotless.

Also, order also plays an important psychological role. Everything should be well-organised, including what is stored in closets, because some visitors will want to see the inside of them and finding a mess will ruin their impressions.

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