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Home-Buying Priorities: the New ‘Must-Haves’ in the Wake of the Pandemic

Home Buying Priorities the New Must Haves in the Wake of the Pandemic - Home-Buying Priorities: the New 'Must-Haves' in the Wake of the Pandemic

The pandemic, lockdown and teleworking have changed the perspective of what we need in a home. Aspects that previously were not important have become a priority. And all this has had a consequence on our needs when purchasing a home.

Thus, living in the centre of cities has ceased to be a fundamental aspect when choosing a home. Today, we seek specific characteristics, although it is necessary to move away a bit. If the area we choose offers convenient services and transport, it doesn't matter if it's not the city centre.

New priorities in the purchase of housing

Now more than ever, we conceive our home as a space to live. That's why we've changed our priorities and now look for some specific criteria:

Terrace or garden: the need to be outdoors, to have a small oasis at home, has taken on fundamental importance after the pandemic.

Swimming pools and communal areas: the construction of swimming pools in single-family homes skyrocketed during the pandemic due to mobility restrictions. In a residential complex, communal areas with sports facilities, playgrounds, and swimming pools are very demanded.

Large rooms and diaphanous spaces: these compartmentalized dwellings to the extreme have gone into the background. Among our priorities in housing, we include spacious rooms and open spaces that do not cause a feeling of being overwhelmed. We also value brightness.

A place to work or for the children: during the lockdown, we have seen how difficult it may be to work from home, especially if there are children. For this reason, among our priorities when purchasing a home, we also consider these scenarios, and we want larger rooms to study, work or play.

Homes that meet those requirements

In, countless homes meet all these requirements. The ones we present to you are just a few examples:

Apartment for sale in Mijas Costa – €179,000

This two-bedroom apartment features a spacious living room and an open and bright kitchen. It's perfect for those who want to enjoy a magnificent dwelling with a private garden in one of the best areas of the Costa del Sol. The complex also has a garden and a swimming pool. Besides, there are shopping areas and a golf course nearby. It's a real luxury as a habitual residence or a holiday home.

Apartamento en venta en Mijas Costa - Home-Buying Priorities: the New 'Must-Haves' in the Wake of the Pandemic

Apartment for sale in Alicante – €177,000

With two bedrooms, two bathrooms and terraces, this apartment responds to all the new priorities in home buying. It has a private garden on the ground floor, and on the first floor, it has a solarium for exclusive use. The estate also has superb green areas and a swimming pool.

Apartamento en venta en Alicante - Home-Buying Priorities: the New 'Must-Haves' in the Wake of the Pandemic

Flat for sale in El Raval, Barcelona – €305,000

Even in the centre of a big city like Barcelona, it's possible to find a home that meets the new criteria in home buying. A sample is this industrial style flat with a suite room, an open kitchen connected to the living-dining room, a balcony and large windows. The building has communal areas such as a swimming pool, gardens and a roof terrace.

Piso en venta en Barcelona - Home-Buying Priorities: the New 'Must-Haves' in the Wake of the Pandemic

Flat for sale in Bons Aires, Palma de Mallorca – €209,000

Three spacious bedrooms, living room, bathroom, separate kitchen, balcony and terrace with open views are the appeals of this home. Everything that today's buyers are looking for in the heart of Palma since it also has a communal terrace.

Piso en venta en Palma de Mallorca - Home-Buying Priorities: the New 'Must-Haves' in the Wake of the Pandemic

As you see, with, it's easy to find the ideal home that meets your needs and likings. Start now to make your dreams come true.

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