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inmobiliaria cliente estrecharme mano 23 2147737915 1 - Recommendations for choosing a good tenant

Perhaps one of the most difficult decisions we have to make when renting a home is how do I choose a good tenant? In this post, we detail some keys to choosing a good tenant.

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photo 1499310392581 322cec0355a6 - Types of houses where you will live in the future

Prefabricated houses, tiny houses, parasitic homes, vertical cities and housing cooperatives could be the real estate future. Time passes and the real estate market is not immune to it. In the last decade, a series of initiatives have emerged that could revolutionize the housing sector.

The objective? Overcome the difficulties that consumers encounter while moving towards a more efficient and sustainable future. Among the emerging trends, we could highlight several cases that are taking importance in some parts of the world, Europe and our country.

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casas madera miniatura flecha roja abajo 72572 906 1 - Reasons why the housing market is slowing down

The price of housing no longer grows as before. The bulky double-digit increments have long since been abandoned. In addition to this contraction, other fundamental market indicators, such as mortgages and sales, are registering a different evolution, moving from the negative to the positive terrain or vice versa from one month to another. The confluence of internal and external factors is making a dent in the sector.

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real estate

The sale of homes in Spain fell almost 19% last June, according to those of the Council of Notaries. The causes of the growing current fear of investing in housing, according to some experts, lie in the lack of government and the entry into force of the current mortgage law. Therefore, it is worth asking what factors will mark the Spanish real estate market in the remainder of 2019.

The Spanish economy is expected to grow 2.3% at the end of this year, according to the forecasts already managed by the Government and to which the International Monetary Fund (IMF) itself points. Therefore, both investors and individuals can face these last months as a good time to consider buying a property. What to expect in recent months?

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buy home

It's the million dollar question. Is it time to buy? Everyone, at some point, we have asked this question. Through the analysis of certain economic indicators, we can estimate whether we are really facing a healthy market open to operations and whether, on the contrary, it would be more convenient to wait until certain incidents are resolved. Certainly, the most propitious moment is not marked by external factors, but by one's personal situation. In this post, we detail the factors to know how to make a good decision when buying.

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