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The bursting of the housing bubble during the last crisis has transformed the real estate market in countries that suffered the heaviest price of housing. In the years prior to the Great Recession, there was a relaxation of the financial conditions that allowed young people with low wages to mortgage in the very long term with the risk that this entails. The bursting of the bubble has had serious economic consequences that have changed the behaviour of banks and families. Now, the composition of mortgaged homes has changed: the profile is a person over 40 years old and has a high level of income. This transformation of the mortgaged has also occurred in countries that did not suffer the bubble, but for different reasons.

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Spain is positioned as the most attractive market to invest in second homes, according to a study prepared by the real estate consultancy Savills and the vacation rental platform Home Away. ...continue reading "Spain is the most attractive market to invest in second homes"

According to the latest data from the Spanish Institute of Statistics (INE), the price of housing in Spain has culminated with an increase of 6.7% in the last quarter of the year. Even with the political and social crisis in Barcelona, Catalonia is among the communities with higher than average housing price increases. ...continue reading "Housing price in Catalonia remains despite the political crisis"

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Statistics churned out by the real estate sector continue to bring positive news for Marbella. At a time when the price of holiday homes continues to fall all over Spain, the Costa del Sol town is recovering its upward trend, showing the greatest increase in property values on the holiday home market.

apartments in MarbellaThese, at least, were the findings of a survey carried out by the valuation firm Tinsa, which places Marbella third in Spain in terms of holiday home prices (per square metre), a list that is topped by Sitges in Cataluña.

The report, published earlier this month, is based on the results from the first quarter of this year. In one year holiday homes in Marbella have increased in price by 4.8 per cent while in other towns on the Costa del Sol and the rest of the Mediterranean coast prices continue to fall. The study has taken into account the year-on-year result from the first quarter of last year.
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