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The sale of homes in Spain fell almost 19% last June, according to those of the Council of Notaries. The causes of the growing current fear of investing in housing, according to some experts, lie in the lack of government and the entry into force of the current mortgage law. Therefore, it is worth asking what factors will mark the Spanish real estate market in the remainder of 2019.

The Spanish economy is expected to grow 2.3% at the end of this year, according to the forecasts already managed by the Government and to which the International Monetary Fund (IMF) itself points. Therefore, both investors and individuals can face these last months as a good time to consider buying a property. What to expect in recent months?

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It's the million dollar question. Is it time to buy? Everyone, at some point, we have asked this question. Through the analysis of certain economic indicators, we can estimate whether we are really facing a healthy market open to operations and whether, on the contrary, it would be more convenient to wait until certain incidents are resolved. Certainly, the most propitious moment is not marked by external factors, but by one's personal situation. In this post, we detail the factors to know how to make a good decision when buying.

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House on the beach

Summer is just around the corner if you are thinking about buying a house on the beach, you will realize that the market is no longer the same as in the past. In this post, we tell you about the facets that have changed in this type of housing on the coast.

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imagen objetos ingenieria punto vista top construction trabajo herramientas ingenieria vintage efecto filtro retro tono enfoque suave enfoque selec 1 - Who is mortgaged today? The transformation of the real estate market

The bursting of the housing bubble during the last crisis has transformed the real estate market in countries that suffered the heaviest price of housing. In the years prior to the Great Recession, there was a relaxation of the financial conditions that allowed young people with low wages to mortgage in the very long term with the risk that this entails. The bursting of the bubble has had serious economic consequences that have changed the behaviour of banks and families. Now, the composition of mortgaged homes has changed: the profile is a person over 40 years old and has a high level of income. This transformation of the mortgaged has also occurred in countries that did not suffer the bubble, but for different reasons.

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plaza espana 1751442 960 720 - Spain is the most attractive market to invest in second homes

Spain is positioned as the most attractive market to invest in second homes, according to a study prepared by the real estate consultancy Savills and the vacation rental platform Home Away. ...continue reading "Spain is the most attractive market to invest in second homes"